An obscur Love
disclaimer: I don’t own neither Naruto, neither Neji, neither Sasuke, nor none of all lovely bishonens of this formidable series. Too bad. On the other hand, I have my wild imagination, from where this fic is drawn.

For the chronology, that occurs after Itachi (and Kisame, --but who care of Kisame? He isn’t a bishonen.. . on the other hand Itachi.. . mmmmmm)  tried to take away Naruto and escaped.

chapter 1: remember

Quiet and discrete as always, Hinata goes in the streets of the village of Konoha. She heard what  the professors said between them, she learned what had occured at Sasuke and Kakashi, and at Naruto. She wouldn’t be entitled to know. .  But she spied on Jounins with her Byakugan, reading on their lips after they brought back Sasuke to the hospital. To tell the truth, she wanted to know how Naruto was. And she had learned THAT....

That Itachi was back.

Itachi.. . Itachi Uchiwa.. . Itachi.. .

Feeling tears to go up in her eyes, Hinata started to run. She don’t want anybody to see her crying.. she enters the forest and stops in a small clearing where she lets finally her pain spout out.

she cries  in an uncontrolled way while her memories remake surface brutally. It was so a long time, why, why  I’m not able to forget it?!

< < < < < < < < Flash Back >>>>>>>>

It was the end of the afternoon, and Hinata only wandered in the forest. she had bad marks in the academy and she didn’t dare to go home to announce it to her father. he was disappointed so much of her weakness and her bad results. However Hinata did all that she could, she wants that her parents are proud of her. ...  Then she took refuge in the close forest among trees and  bushes, so discrete that the animals let she go among them without fleeing.

Suddenly, her glance fixed on the ground had seen a pair shoe appear right in front of her. Frightened, she raised her head and discovered that an Anbu was upright in front of her. he wasn’t tall  and his face was hidden by a mask representing cat-like. Hinata began to tremble of fright facing  this powerful unknown man.

"What are you doing here, little girl?"

Hinata felt fear paralyse her and didn’t manage to answer. Then the Anbu withdrew his mask, revealing a face which fixed in the spirit of Hinata. Delicate and still childish features , the young boy wasn’t  more than 12 years. Black eyes bordered of long black lashes  looked at her calmly. Long black mock of hair fell down on both sides of its frontal stringcourse with drawing of leaf. The remainder of his hair was attached in his back by a bond. He doesn’t say anything while Hinata detailed his face, noting that the small girl gradually ceased trembling.

Hinata felt a heatwave invade her gently. she  felt reassured. . strangely. Even when she was with her father, she didn’t feel so calms. She wasn’t afraid. Timidly, the small girl advances towards the Anbu and put her small hand in his .
And always in silence, they moved towards the village, enjoying the quiet company one of the other. When they arrived close to the residence of Hyuga, the boy stopped and said:
"You are a Hyuga,aren’t you the heiress? what is your name?"
"Hi.. . Hinata." she answered with her soft voice. she raised her eyes towards him.
"I am Itachi. Itachi Uchiwa."
She had heard about him, the genius of the Uchiwa clan. Her father would have liked that she is able to compete with him for the honor of the Hyuga clan. Hinata felt suddenly shame of keep close to so strong personn, she which was so weak. Releasing the hand of the boy, she left, running to home without  turning over nor even  thanking him. He looked at she leaving, his  glance reflected  . . . little sadness.

When they met again in the forest, Hinata hiding to cry, Itachi seeking calms and loneliness, she asked for forgiveness of have left without thanking him , nor saying him goodbye. An unperceivable smile floated on the lips of the boy. Hinata didn’t control well the byakugan and had difficulty to decipher the feelings of people, but she understood those of Itachi. From this day, they were often found in the quietude of the forest. Hinata was intimidated a little at the beginning, and Itachi spoke little. But gradually they managed to open their heart one with the other. Itachi appreciated the softness and the kindness of the small young lady. She alleviated him. Hinata felt in confidence with Itachi. With him, she could be herself without having shame of it.

She also learned to know the feelings which hid behind the beautiful face, this darkness which slept at the bottom of him, this vacuum which sometimes made he doubt. An inextinguishable thirst for power which made he seeks always further. An indifference for the life, the death, the pain and the other men. Terrible fate of this child-man, not having never had right to the weakness and innocence.

And Hinata understood that soon the village would be too narrow for him, that he would need space and wind, freedom. That he would soon leave alone, in the search of his ideal. And Hinata understood that this day came when she found him in the forest this day. His glance indicated that his decision was made.

"Then, do you leave?"
he didn’t reveal  surprise by the fact she guessed his intentions.
"Yes, I come to say you good-bye, Hinata."
"You can’t ...take me with you ?"
"Not. I want leave alone. And you are too small, you would be a burden."
Words were harder than usually and the tears went up in the white eyes of the young girl.
"you will return. .?"
He addressed a last glance, a sad smile and he left.

Hinata cried much, hidden in the forest. Later, she learned that all the clan of Uchiwa had been massacred. She felt a little guilty. She could have guessed that he would test his force before leaving. . But somehow. the  Uchiwa was also those which had learned  him how  to kill without scruples. she also, ideally, should  be able of it, but she was too sensitive to hurt the others.

Hinata didn’t return any more in the forest. She turned away from night and silence. She did all to forget him. She turned towards the blue sky and the sun, towards the noise, the laughter and the innocence of another child of same age. she thought of having succeeded in choking her feelings for Itachi.

< < < < < < End of flash back >>>>>>>

second chapter: Reunion.

But he had returned to the village. Only the mention of his name had made her heart beat . She couldn’t deny that she had waited hopelessly his return, even if it was a vain hope. She wanted to see him again. For 5 years, she wished only that. See him again. But he left again. He didn’t returned for her.

Alone in the deepest of the forest, Hinata cry sitting by ground, being pressed on a cut down tree. She don’t hear the steps approachher and somebody sit down on the trunk, looking her in silence. When she raise finally the head, her heart stop beating by recognizing the man who was held in front of her.

He changed. He grew, his face had lost the roundness of childhood to acquire the hardness of the adulthood. his features are sharpened, his more sharp-edged glance, his mouth doesn’t let see trace of any smile. His formerly black eyes are now red dark and a dark fire dances in his pupil. But he is Itachi.

Unable to make any  sound, Hinata poses her head on the knees of the man and smiles to him. he returned. Both remain like that one moment, before Itachi breaks this soft silence with his deep voice.
"Hinata, you grew. You become very beautiful."
"You too. You are. . un adult now."

The hand of elder of Uchiwa  poses on the hair of Hinata and  caresses her gently, as if he fear rumple the delicate petals of a flower. The smile of Hinata become more radiant.
"Did I..... miss you, Itachi?"
"Yes. you missed me so much, Hinata."
"Takes me along with you."
"Hinata.. . "

The girl rectifies herself to face the man. "I am Genin now. I could follow you. I will manage."
Itachi:"You are still. . a child."
Hinata:"I will grow quickly. I don’t want  leave you any more, Itachi! I waited for you so a long time!"
Itachi:"Hinata.. I  can’t take you along. Where I go, you will be hurt. . . "
Hinata:"But here also I’m hurt ! Nobody cares of me, if I left with you, I am sure that would please my family on the contrary! And someone even tried to kill me! In my own village, my own family!"

Hinata doesn’t notice the expression of Itachi harden with her words. She lets  leave all that she usually hides in her heart.  Hinata entrusts to her only true love without back thought. Taking her round face in his hands, Itachi murmurs gently to this so precious girl:
Itachi:"Wait for me still a little, Hinata... . just a few years, please. And I will return to seek you. I promise to you."

A tear runs on the cheek of the Genin.
Hinata:"I will await you. I will become stronger and more erudite. When you returns to seek me, I promise to you that I will be useful for you."
Itachi:"You don’t need, Hinata."
He inclines.  Their lips meets and opens for their first kiss and their last kiss before a long time. Then Itachi leaves.

But he doesn’t leave the grounds of the villages for the moment. Something in the words of Hinata had make him anger. With the greatest prudence, Itachi goes to the hospital, then to the archives and finds what he seeks. Then he leaves to find his target.

Neji has just finished a training session with his Byakugan. He is always watchful even if he relax his jutsu. But the only thing he sees is a shade in front of him before breaking down while howling of pain. Tenten ,which practices not far, runs to him hearing his cry and discovers Neji the face covered with his hands full of blood. Neji is led urgently to the hospital while Gai tries to find the track of his attacker, but in vain.

Gai contemplates the face of Neji  on the white bed of the hospital. He was courageous when he heard the diagnosis , but now, tears run his eyes. Blind . The kunai burst the two eyes in only one blow . He will never be able to see again. Close to him, Lee also keep silent and gently poses his hand on the shoulder of his rival, to comfort him. But he knows well that nothing will make return his lost dreams. By seeing his two broken pupils, Gai cursed the fate which is baited on the young apprentices. Why? Why does it arrive to these children?

On the road, Itachi goes. He can leave, assured that nobody will  any more try to kill his precious Moon-flower.
Hinata looks at the night sky. She find the night again and will never forget it  again.

Third chapter: waiting, thought of Hinata

---Hinata POV---

The days, the months and the years will pass for me. All a little similar. When will I be rather old to he takes me with him? When will he return to seek me? I don’t know. I can only wait patiently. I am patient. I wait, I live only  waiting, I took up time while waiting for the day of our reunion. And I look at, I look at people around me, with new eyes, the eyes of somebody who doesn’t even already form  part of the village in myself.

Dojo escape the familiar noises of my sister training with my father. She works hard, to please our Father and our family. But I see that she put an important question to herself.

Yes, you also ,little sister, you put The Question.
The same question that I put  to myself at your age.
But you will never know the answer. I know it.

Does Father like me, like me as me, as her daughter?

I, at your age, I knew the answer: Not. He didn’t like me. I knew it because at this time he saw that you were better than me and he completely forsook me. If he had liked me, he wouldn’t have given up me as much, he would have continue to care of me, to ask me what I had done in class, to take me along to walk with me, to tell me stories. But he gave up me. He liked me only as future heiress.

And you put the question but you will never know, except if somebody come to take your place of future heiress. But it will never arrive.
Will you find somebody who love you as you? It will be hard. You have a large handicap: the girl the most skilful in one of the most powerful family of the village. And you aren’t even pretty. Your face is too hard for a girl, your glance is aggressive. You are warlike.

 I have somebody... and I will not exchange him for nothing in the world.

My Father and my Mother.
Hyuga. This name means nothing any more for me, now. Now that I know I will leave with Itachi in a few years. Gradually, I became completely indifferent to my family. With my Father, my Mother, all mien... except my little sister. The honor of my name, the pride of the clan, the family... all that means nothing  for me.

My father understood, one day. He spoke to me about our clan by overpowering me of reproaches, and suddenly, he was keep silent in the medium of a sentence and he looked at me. And he didn’t say anything any more... He was almost disabled by my indifference. Since he doesn’t speak to me any more.

I learned what had arrived at Neji. And I wondered: Did Itachi do that?
 Time corresponds. he would have done that... for me? This question will remain unanswered until our reunion. I am sad for you, Neji. Our eyes, they are really our pride, our reason of living. What will you become, now that you became weak, like me, more than me? Will you succeed in supporting yourself?

I do not live any more but for me, for my future life with Itachi.
I train, I learn, I progress. But I don’t train too hard, I live quietly. I know that he don’t ask me to be strong. I want to be strong for me.

Return quickly, Itachi. I don’t know if I could hold a long time. Gradually, my heart joined you in the night. Nobody realizes, nobody does not see it... except Kurenai. She sees that something occurs, she sees that I change very slowly in a manner that nobody could suspect. She asks me question, discreetly. I manage to answer without give true answer. She still don’t understand... but she will understand one day . then, quickly come to seek me, Itachi, before she discover the night in my heart.

The Hyuga clan.
I am afraid... I am afraid for you, Hanabi. I am afraid of the impatience of our family. I know that soon I will leave with Itachi. I will become a traitor, I would not be more Ninja. Then my father will be able to officially proclaim you heiress.
But today nobody knows it and I am always a quite cumbersome Heiress.

But if our family loses patience and decides to make of you the heiress before I leave?
Will they kill me? will they affix me the seal of confinement to make me a member of the branch house?

And what will make Itachi when he will learn it on his return?

If I died, undoubtedly he will massacre all our family, the two branches together.

If I were sealed, will he  kill you. you, my dear little sister, because of who all my misfortunes are? I know, it is not your fault, it is a little mine, I am not strong enough. But I am like that. It is not my fault if my family don’t accept me like that. But I don’t think that Itachi reasons like that.

See what arrived at Neji.

Then I am afraid for you, little sister. Then if one proposes to you to become the heiress, please, say No . the reason doesn’t matter, because you like me a little, because you are too young to take the responsibility for it, because it is more careful than the true heiress is hidden... all than you will find. You must  gain time. a just little time.

Chapter four: the eyes of Neji.

Small special chapter for Neji. because I love you, Neji, to make me forgive to make you suffer.

He had never thought that could have occured to him. However, he knows well that   this kind of things occures. Ninjas wounded in combat, often.  Often the wounds are serious, sometimes  ninja are seriously handicapped. He saw it, he knows it. He saw Lee, he saw him completely destroyed, he knows that he couldn’t be Shinobi any more. today is the turn of Neji to be mutilated.
But why him? why this single wound, why his attacker did anything but burst the two eyes, and only his eyes ? why did he want to break him? Neji doesn’t know the answer, and to know it  will not change his state, will not cure it. He is finished, he doesn’t have  nothing left. Lying in his hospital bed , tears runs along his cheeks. The heat of a hand on its shoulder surprises him. Who is he? There is Gai, and Lee in the room, he remembers . Tenten came to accompany  the team of Chuunin charged to find his attacker, to the exact place of the attack.
Did somebody of other enter the room?
Feeling miserable, Neji moves his hand, touches the hand on his shoulder and goes up along arm in order to identify who try to reconfort him.
"It’s me, Neji."

Lee? It’s Lee which. . whereas Neji was always so hard with him, so scorning, so cold. He always looked him down. But now, strangely, the heat of the hand on his shoulder alleviates him a little. Neji says nothing.. Perhaps one day, he will be able to say him thank you, but Neji is not yet there.

The door snap brutally on the wall and a soft odor invades the room. An odor of flower, and an odor of girl.
"Neji, looks at what I have you. . oh, excuse-me, I. . " the cordial voice of Tenten tints sadness. "I bought flowers to you on the way, but I..." she hesitates, feeling guilty to bring a gift to be looked to a blind man.
Neji: "They smell very good"
Neji seems to hear the relief of the girl. Her soft smell approaches the bed and he hears her put the flowers in the vase close to him. Neji feels heated.
His friends are here. His friends. . For the first time he thinks of them in these terms. He was afraid to be alone in the darkness.He isn’t alone, they are here. Then perhaps the life isn’t finished. Perhaps he will be able to continue to advance.. Perhaps even remain Ninja. He can always listen, feel, touch. He can always move. There is always hope. He always has friends.

Neji: "Thank you"

Chapter 5: two sisters.

I am 16 years old today, a day like the others, or almost. The only thing which changed is that my father speak to me during the meal: "Hinata, you are in age to marry now. You must ensure the survival of our clan and find a husband as fast as possible." And that’s all. No gift, no congratulations for my birthday, nothing.
"I will think of it, Father." He seems satisfied by my answer.

Yes, I think of it. I wish only one thing: to live with a man, to remain for always with him. Itachi. I would be only with you soon. But that will not make the happiness of my clan. Father will discover it well rather early.
I go in my room and I take a roller of justu to study it before sleep. I learned much these last years. I understood that my knowledge on Ninjas arts was too weak in Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, and that in technical skills (like spy, camouflage, recognition of the plants, codes secrecy for example) then I  involved myself more in these field, by forsaking the taijutsu  and the Hyuga techniques a little . I am not good in Genjutsu not more than the average of ninja. On the other hand, in Ninjustu, I learned much, like in medical techniques and spy/infiltration. I would need some for my life with Itachi, I think.

Itachi.. my thought roves. How has he changed for these last years? he’s more than 20 years now, he is adult. He must be good-looking.
"older sister, whom do you thinks of ? "

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jump by discovering that Hanabi entered in my room without I heard her.

"you think of somebody you like, isn't it ?  you really will obey our father and will marry?"
her so given glance usually is anxious.

"Yes, perhaps. But not immediately, Hanabi, don’t worry "
I try to reassure my  sister. But what does she worry ? marry is not a bad thing in general.

"When you marry, you will live in your husband’s house, isn’t it? you will not be any more a Hyuga ? "

Oh, I had not thought of it. It is the reason that they still didn’t drive out me a my statute of heiress, they wait until I marry. They haven’t the intention to insert my engaged couple in our family, but they will keep my children. I feel my stomach revolt with the idea that my children are taken to me.
Hanabi  sees my feeling of revolt: "Forgive me, older sister, I didn’t want make you sorrow! You will be always Hyuga for me! you will be always my sister! "
These words touch me in heart, but Hanabi doesn’t stop there and she continues her tirade, delivering all her distress to me: "I don’t want that you leave Hinata! You are my only sister, you are the only person who like me!"
 Tears start to fall from her cheeks. "You are the only one who really love me, don’t abandon me, don’t abandon me!"

Hanabi cries, she I had never seen crying. My heart is tightened and I take her in my arms to try to comfort her. That was what worried you. . in fact, intuitively, you must know for a long time that I will leave, but you only have just understannd it. Forgive me, Hanabi.
"Hanabi, you are my little sister and, you will always remain it, do you hear me? I will love you always, little sister, don’t forget it. Promise me that you will never forget it."
Hanabi head makes yes. . .

Don’t forget me, little sister, even if I become criminal, promise me that I will  always be  your sister. .  perhaps for you, I could explain my decision a little. The words  I will say to you now, I am not sure that you will understand them, but keeps them in memory until the day of my departure....
"Hanabi, I would be sad to leave you, but that will arrive one day. One day I will leave with a man whom I love, one day I would not be anymore in this house, in this family. But it is not to obey our Father, or our clan. I will do it for me. To live the life that I would have chosen myself, and where I will be recognized and loved by somebody. I will leave from here to find happiness. Hanabi,do you understand me?"
Hanabi: "Y, yes. . "
Hinata: "You too, I hope you will find happiness. Forgive me, Hanabi, when I will leave, all will be much harder for you. You will be the only Hyuga heiress. You will not have any more right to the weakness, tiredness or the error. You will become the target of our enemies. But you are strong, then you will succeed, I am sure. But don’t forget: you too have the right to happiness, and never lets our family prevent you from finding it."

It is done. I bade my farewell with my sister. Now, I am really ready to leave at any moment.. . the lash of the ship are cut, I await only one breath of wind which will inflate the veils and will take me along to far. I await nothing any more but you Itachi.

Chapter six and following