An onbscur love

chapter 10: premises

//external Point of view //
The council of the village of Konoha  is morose. The body of a young hunter of deserter was brought back recently. Hiashi Hyuga examined it and  concludes.....She was killed by Hinata. Again, the subject of Hinata Hyuga was given on the agenda.
So ironc, The Hyuga about which one speaks more, it's Hinata, thinks Neji who is training with Hanabi in the Hyuga dojo.
Hanabi: "This situation seems to amuse you much, Neji Nii-san."
Neji: "Yes. If Hinata wanted to be noticed, she succeed... when I think that  we were all blind about her... it's a shame, for us, Hyuga."
Hanabi: "I, I don't have shame of her."
Neji: "Hanabi-sama?!"
Hanabi: "She betrayed the village and our family. What's the matter? We betray her in first, we, Hyugas. And she wasn't happy at the village. Now, she is it."
Neji: "Hanabi-sama, Hinata became criminal. she killed herself this girl."
Hanabi: "And then? Can you say me that you never killed anybody? Or that you killed only people who deserved it? Where is the difference with her? We all here are criminals. Only the Masters who employ us differ. We serve our village. she serves the man she loves, and herself."
Neji answer nothing.
Hanabi: "Me too, I will arrive at her level one day."

During the council of the jounins too, the discussion always relates to Hinata.
Tsunade: "This last murder constrained us to reopen a certain number of not elucidated file.. .."
Kakashi: "Until now, we always considered that Hinata didn't take an active part in the actions of Akatsuki. It was an error. We have the proof now that she is an active member."
Kurenai: "We always had in thought the Hinata who we thought knowing formerly. she changed... and even before her departure, we didn't know all... "
Tsunade: "That brings us to the following problem... Which are the REAL feelings of Hinata toward the village? If she met somebody whom she knew, will her save him?"
Kakashi: "Mmm, I doubt it. If she is threatened, she will defend herself. Or Itachi will do it."
Kurenai: "the true problem, it's that if Hinata returns here, she will be able to benefit from the assistance of her former friends. I know that some will not betray her. Her sister in particular. Kiba. Naruto."
Tsunade: "Naruto? ah, yes, you had said to me, Kurenai... Naruto... hum, it's serious."
Hinata and Itachi silently go together in the deadened forest. Their step is fast but regular. If nothing comes to divert them, they will achieve their goal at dawn. Itachi is a little in front , Hinata goes behind him. They don't hold their hand, to be able to act freely with the least sign of danger. They don't speak each other, not to be heard. Hinata hesitates a little, and she decides to call.
Hinata: "Itachi, wait."
He stops and glances at her.
Hinata: "I am not sure.. that it would be well... I want to say, to return here... there will point out memory to me, I will meet people about who I care... and I feel myself not at ease..."
Itachi: "Hinata. I don't force you."
Hinata: "But, only me can..."
Itachi: "yes, but if you refuse, we will seek another plan."
Hinata: "I feel bad to... betray him. he was always so nice with me... "
Itachi: "You will not do him any pain. On the contrary, considers that you save him. Others of our organization will not be as... soft as you "
Hinata: "Yes, I know. Let's continue. I just wanted being reassured."
Itachi: "you don't have anything to fear, Hinata."
They walks again in the forest which they know both very well.
The raising sun finds them both contemplating ,at top of a tree, the proud cliffs against which rest the village of Konoha. The faces of the 5 Hokage seem to measure them severely, but they don't mind. Neither one, nor the other  have remorse to have left the village. The preliminary work achieved by other members of the organization offers a shelter for the day to them. Hinata falls asleep, the hand in that of Itachi, while he takes the first turn of guard. They will exchange their role at midday.

Itachi looks at the peaceful face of Hinata. He can seldom contemplate it in its entirety. She always have a black mask. She only removes it to sleep. She changes, gently. The young teenager with the round cheeks becomes little by little a woman with a soft and finer face. Itachi lets slip his finger on her cheeks, then on her untied neck and finally on the increasingly full curves of her body. Hinata becomes more attracting of day in day. Sometimes even more attracting that missions in progress. He likes to be beside her. Her silence is the rest of Itachi, Her smile is his hearth.
The two black shades leave their hiding-place at laying down sun. Mixing with the crowd who return peacefully at home, they leave to research their prey.

Chapter 11: first attack, gathering.

The last rays of the sun blaze in the sky while the shade falls gradually on the forest and clearings.  Soon, the darkness will be total, but now, we can see still enough to train. Two young Ninjas  are training.  In a clearing, they  run and strike. The blade of a Kunai stops  1mm before the  throat of  one of them. The two boys remain fixed one moment, then they separate.
One of the two, a strong boy, of average size, with blue eyes and blond hair ,  sit down to take his breath. "waaah! you weren't kind, Sasuke. I lost this time but I would have my revenge."
Sasuke recovers his kunai without answering.
Naruto: "Do you want come to eat a bowl of ramen with me?."
Sasuke: "No."
Naruto: "pfff!!"
Sasuke is about to leave the clearing when he starts suddenly. his  always  active sharingan revealed  him the presence of somebody observing them. Seeing his teammate tense , Naruto get up   and  joins him, arms in hand.
Naruto: "What occurs?"
Sasuke: "We are observed... here!"`
Spouting out nothing, a clone of Sasuke jumps in a tree, forcing the person who hid there to find another refuge. But Sasuke doesn't let him do. He hunt him  with his clone, folding him back  towards the clearing. On the other side, Naruto  also created some clone which blocks the way of the personn who spied them. Encircled, he stops in the center of the clearing,  and the two ninjas of Konoha can identify him...rather her.

A black dressed woman... and with  milky eyes.... Hinata. Her byakugan is activated, revealing her the least detail  from what  happens around her: the emotions crossing the face of Naruto, uncertainty, sadness, the emotion on the face of Sasuke, hatred,  anger, the chakra emitted by  the clone of Naruto, hidden in the bushes. The chakra emitted by Itachi, also hidden  not  far.
Naruto  first breaks the silence: " Hinata-chan... why..are you here?... you... "
Hinata: "I wanted see..."

but she doesn't have time to continue. A movement of Sasuke started one of her reflexes and  she jumps , avoiding  the Fire ball launched by him.Hinata is surprised by the speed of action of Sasuke, almost that of Itachi... et especially... by the fact that he attacked her.  She had calculated that the hatred of Sasuke for his brother would lead him to leave to research Itachi, against any logic. But  he had attacked her. And the eyes of Sasuke fixed on her reflect his hatred, his extreme hatred for Hinata. Much more than his brother, she is  whom he wants to kill.

Error of appreciation... thinks Hinata, dodging an attack again. But she supports the combat against the heir of Uchiha. Naruto is too surprised and don't know how to react.

From his observation post, Itachi resists the impulse to jump help Hinata, that would do nothing but worsen the situation.  No, there is  better to do. He jumps of his station and slips by at full speed towards a certain large masonry in the village,  hardly taking the precaution to hide.

In the clearing, Hinata and Sasuke fight, the one wanting to kill, the other being defensive. Hinata saw Itachi leaving, She knows that she  must save time... It will be hard, he is stronger than her. Naruto gathers his toyghts and he tries to interpose  into the fight. Bothered by Naruto, Sasuke moves back.
Sasuke: "Naruto, Move."
naruto: "No! Sasuke, Why do you attack Hinata-chan!?"
Sasuke: "she's an enemy. I must kill her."

Naruto hesitates, he knows it ... but he looks at Hinata, Hinata and her soft white eyes, kind Hinata and with so vulnerable appearance... no, no, He can't...
Naruto: "please, doesn't attack her, Sasuke......"
A shock for Sasuke, naruto also...
sasuke: "Then, you also, Naruto... you also, you betrayed me..."

Naruto dodges accuracy the kick of Sasuke, but while being pushed, he released the way towards Hinata, which doesn't have  time to avoid. The fist of Sasuke reaches her in the belly, then falls down toward her neck.....But meet a barrier of whirling chakra, sending him away.

Hinata presses her painful belly, trying to find her breath. The following attack comes by the left, but it's deviated by Naruto. Hinata uses this diversion to attack him. Sasuke jumps away, the palms of Hinata pass very close to him without touching him, but the chakra of the girl entered  his body, disturbing the flow of energy, preventing him from concluding the jutsu which he was preparing.
Naruto: "Sasuke, stops!"
Again he comes between the two fighters, obstructing the movements of his fellow-members. Unfortunately, Sasuke expected it, and Naruto sees the clone exploding in front of him in a sheaf of fire while the true Sasuke street on Hinata.
Hinata: "Naruto!!!!"

But She doesn't have time to worry for the young blond, because of the continual harassing of the young Uchiwa. The breath short, Hinata moves back more and more. She managed to place some attacks, but she can't kill Sasuke now without ruining all their plans, and thus her best techniques, the more mortals, are prohibited to her. Without being able to avoid it, Hinata sees one of the hands of Sasuke armed with a kunai  aiming her belly.... The whirling flow of the technique of Kaiten surrounds her and deviates the weapon. But this time the swirl is  sufficiently strong to project Sasuke behind several meters.

In the dissipated smoke , Neji and Tenten appear in front of Hinata.

chapiter 12: first attack, scattering

Itachi had gone right into the Hyuga house, right on Hanabi, then as soon as the young girl had seen him, he had made half-turn and had gone out. Hanabi had followed him in spite of the warning of Neji, which was here with Tenten. For Hanabi, Itachi was the key leading to her sister. The young couple had followed Hanabi, knowing that they couldn't stop her, but that they could at least protect her.

Tenten, Hanabi and Neji had followed Itachi in the forest, then had abruptly lost him. By examining the surroundings quickly, Hanabi had seen Hinata attacked by Sasuke. She had sprung to protect her, but Tenten had caught her and pushed to the ground. Then Tenten had run in front of Hinata drawing Neji behind her. With the signal of Tenten, Neji had used his technique of defense. Not knowing neither who he defended, nor against who.

Hinata:"Neji... Tenten..."
//So, I defended Hinata? But what do Tenten think??//  Neji thinks.
Sasuke: "Move"
// I defended her against Sasuke..., bad situation
Even without seeing the face of the young Uchiwa, Neji could feel his hatred and his anger in his voice.
//Itachi is a crafty one... He has  involved Hanabi to defend Hinata here... Kiba and Shino only are missing...if they were here, and everyone would be against Sasuke...//
"NO!" Hanabi too comes in front of her older sister and deal with Sasuke." I will not let you hurt my sister!"

Sasuke looks at her and Hanabi feels a ball of terror to bind in her stomach  //... He's insane, completely insane ... //.Sudddenly, He's on her and violently strikes first once at the head, then at the belly. A ball of fire runs up against Tenten and sends her fly a little further. Hinata catches Hanabi while Neji interposes and she jumps further. The speed of action of Sasuke is alarming.
sasuke: "You want REALLY stop me? you don't have the power to do it!"

Naruto thoughtless and burned by the explosion of the clone is raised painfully, and recognize a familiar situation...

Under the feet of Hinata the ground split and exploded, sending needles of rocks and dust in all the clearing. The real Sasuke, which was hidden under the ground to do this justu, go out of earth with an insane smile: "Then you also, you protect the criminals?" Kakashi and Kurenai, who had deviated the power of the juste, so that it avoids Hinata and Hanabi, look at him calmly.
Kurenai: "Do you try to kill Hanabi, the heiress of Hyuga?"
Sasuke: "I don't have anything to do with her, as long as she don't bother me. Let me Hinata."
Kakashi  turn over to look at the two Hyuga girls.
Kakashi: "Hm, you know, Sasuke, she already left."
The illusion  dissipates,  revealing Hanabi alone on the ground, coughing because of dust.
The ninjas present in the clearing  turns in all side to seek the other girl, but don't find anything.
Kakashi: "remarkable..."

Other Chuunin arrive on the place, as well as the brigade of Hunter-Nin, but Hinata and Itachi literally volitilized. Tenten and Neji leave to accompany back Hanabi at home. Naruto returns too. Only Sasuke remains in the clearing, retained by Kakashi which sermonizes him.

Hanabi smiles on the way of the return. She saw her sister, even if she didn't speak to her, she's happy to have seen her a short moment, to have felt her arms around her which protected her, to have help her against Sasuke. Perhaps, there will be other meetings in the future  ... She perhaps will be able to speak together...

Naruto is lost, he don't know what to do. He choses to help Hinata rather than sasuke, He betrayed him.... But why sasuke wants to kill Hinata? Naruto walks lost in his thoughts.

Sasuke returns at his home walking with anger. Everyone is against him, even the jounins, even the hokage, even Naruto! Everyone protects Hinata and Itachi!! While Sasuke thinks about  the idea to leaves the village and to devotes his life to track them, He doesn't feel his chakra which escapes drop by drop from his body, by one of the points that Hinata succeeded in reaching at the time of their combat.

Chapter 13: second attack. Success.

Always in deep reflexion, Naruto enters his home, closes the door...

"Naruto"  the soft voice starts him and make him return to reality. Hinata is here, in front of him, a little luminous in spite of the darkness of the evening. Naruto feels heat to go up along his belly, he doesn't know anymore what to say, what to do... her white eyes bewitch him and disturb him

The skin of Hinata shines more and more like a glare of pearl, like her eyes. ........ Her skin... she didn't wear a black clothing?... Naruto blinks his eyes.... no..., she doesn't wear it... ... she's almost white, with a dark spot in the bottom of the belly...

The hands of Hinata are tightened towards him, palms in the air... one would say that she calls him ... She's white like the pearls... She is like white milk... but like hot milk... Naruto wants to drink her.

The team of Hinter-Nin located traces which left towards north in the clearing, but maybe it's a lure? For more safety, the hokage makes circulate an alert message in all the village to prevent everyone and install the state of alert. Kakashi is given the responsability to go to warn Naruto that he will be part of the team of guard during the night. But while arriving at naruto's place, he finds him deeply sleeping, naked, in the center of a red and white spiral traced on the ground and the walls of his room. The seal of Kyubi has disappeared.

Panic seizes the village. The Nine-Tail Fox was released! He fell into the hands of Itachi! All the Ninjas are mobilized, the messengers are sent to all allied or enemy villages. During all the night, the teams took care, ready to fight to protect the village.

The day  dawns on an intact village. No attack, no destruction, nothing. Ah, something! Sasuke was found unconscious, all his chakra almost drained. Hiashi Hyuga called urgently at the hospital successes  to stop the escape of energy, but he delivers his opinion to the doctor. He's finished. Only his body is still in life, and still, in a deep coma. Only the apparatuses of the recovery room maintain him in life.
The day pass, and the kyubi doesn't attack.
The month pass, and the kyubi doesn't attack.
The months pass. A news arrives at the village: all the other members of Akatsuki were found dead.
The months pass. Sasuke doesn't awake. Hokage takes the decision to stop the machines. Sakura requires  time, and goes voluntair for an experiment of artificial insemination. So that the blood of Uchiwa is not lost. The hokage accepts. With lots of argument and persuasion, Sakura obtains to let Sasuke live until she has 2 children.

The months pass, little Tio Uchiwa often visits her dad, deadened in a room of the hospital. Her mom awaits a little brother. But Tio warns his dad that if he doesn't awake for the birth, mom will be so much in anger that she will extinguish the machines. By looking at her dad well, Tio sees that his lashes has moved.

The months pass. Hiashi Hyuga withdrew and left his place to Hanabi. The new chief of the Hyuga clan decided that she would not affix a seal on the face of the son of Tenten and Neji. There will be no more seal. In the garden of Uchiwa, Tio helps her little brother to go towards tended arms of his dad. The dad of Tio is not a ninja, he doesn't remember any more who he was, he doesn't speak much, and some time, he looks absent. But He's her dad, he awoke to see them.

The months pass. Naruto became anbu. He was seriously hurt at a mission and lost counsciousness in a snow mountain .A young chuunin of Mist-village, with white skin and black hair, found him and brought him back  at her place. He thinks that she's very beautiful. She looked after him and nourishes him. He thinks that she is very nice. She reddens when their glance crossed.

While time passes and continues its race, two lovers travel. They are free, without fasteners, almost without enemies now. The ninjas decided to let them quiet. They are the true heirs of the greatest families of Konoha, they have the power of the kyubi, sealed in the belly of Hinata. They love,  they have what they sought.

He sought the power, he has it. But it doesn't mean that he wants to use it.
She sought the recognition. She has it. Even if it's the recognition of only one person.
Perhaps a day, they would build a pretty house on the side of a mountain.
perhaps a day a child-fox would be born.
perhaps it would be a girl.
perhaps she would have white eyes
perhaps her pupils would be split
perhaps she would be strong and confident
perhaps she would be kind and wise