This detail struck Sasuke. The room was quiet, with  from time to time noise of  fabrics, bottles and tubes which are hammering. But the athmospher was peaceful. Sasuke slackened gradually. The day had been  difficult, and this calms relieved him.

Since he had arrived at hospital, a few days before, his days had been awful. As soon as the visits had been  authorized, everyone had come to see him. And especially girls.  Sakura, Ino, Tenten....and lots of other girls. There were always at least one or two of them in his room. And it was painful.  When there were two girl or more, they quarreled, when there was one  girl, she spoke to him, which was still worse. And with their strident and acute voice
Sasuke (Thinking): These girls  don't have better to  do?  a work or  mission? How can  they have find enough spare time to pass hours to bother me?

At least, the visits are prohibited the evening, and  Sasuke can finally rest and try to recover from his wounds.  At least..... before the nurses come to bother him with  their  chattering.

This evening, when Sasuke heard the door open  in front of the nurse, I  had closed the eyes, pretending the sleep.  But the nurse remained quiet, changing the remedies and the perfusions without awaking him. Who was this personn?

Sasuke (Thinking): Ah! perhaps a male nurse! No, It's a woman smell, but not too scented. Fortunately. My head suffer badly from  these heavy and aggressive perfumes which smell the girls who  visits me ....Who is she? a news nurse?

Curious, Sasuke took the risk to  open the eyes. He saw only a white blouse and  fine dark  hair. She turned the back to him while changing the drugs. The voice of the nurse made him start.
"Oh, sorry, Uchiha-san, I awoke you."
Sasuke (Thinking): she has a small voice, very soft, a  little serious. It's Pleasant ... but how did she know that I openes the eyes?!

The young woman provided the answer while being  turned over: two milky eyes. The byakugan.  Sasuke understood: " Hinata-san? "
Hinata: "Yes, it's me. I entered  today this service. How do you feel? "

Sasuke remained without voice one moment.
Sasuke (Thinking): Hyuga Hinata, heiress of the Hyuga  clan, nurse in a hospital?  Shouldn't she accomplish the most delicate missions,  like me?
Sasuke: "You had become Genin the same year  as me, right? Why are you now in a hospital?"
Hinata: "I .... I became Chunin two  years ago, and I followed medical formations... The Hokage allowed me to withdraw from active service and to work at the shinobi hospital."

At second thinking , Sasuke thought that the young woman in front of him was undoubtedly more in her place in hospital that on a battlefield. She seem quiet, more quiet than a few years before.
Hinata: "Uchiha-san, you seem tired.  Do you sleep well? "
Sasuke:  "I sleep well"
Sasuke (Thinking): But it's these awful visits !
Hinata: "Did something prevent you to rest, right? You seem annoyed. Did you suffer still? "
Sasuke:  "visits"

Hinata seemed surprised. Then she understood: " Oh! do the visitors prevent you from  rest? If you wish , I can restrict the number of visitors..... "
Sasuke: "You can remove them? I don't want  visit "
Sasuke (Thinking): There isn't anybody that I want to see.
Hinata:  "If you want. I am of guard  this evening, don't hesitate to call me if you need "

After having collected her bottles of  disinfecting, Hinata moved towards the door. Sasuke felt like a  small pinching in the heart. I  needed  to say something.
Sasuke: "Hinata-san."
Hinata: "Yes? "
Sasuke: "You can call me  by my first  name"
Hinata smiles  softly:  "Yes. Good evening, Sasuke-san"

After her departure, Sasuke closed again the eyes, relieved. While slipping into the sleep, a strange idea came to him.

Marry her.