I don't understand.

This girl is the only girl of all the ninja villages who don't to look at me. To tell the truth, I didn't look at her either.

She didn't even grant a single glance to me, her eyes was fixed elsewhere, and I didn't care at all.

I didn't grant a glance to her either, like to all the others, all those who don't have any strenght.

We were in the same class however, we made the examination of the chuunin together, but we never spoke one time.

We didn't exist one for the other.

Then why? Why one day her image fixed in my eyes and never leave? She didn't do anything special, however. She was in a park playing with her small sister. So white. So pure in her white kimono. She greeted me politely, then again turned to her sister, without paying more attention to me.

Look at Me, Hinata! Please, look at me! Let me plunge in the white of your eyes! Reheatings me of your light!

I really don't understand.

Perhaps to see her playing with her sister, whereas my brother never wanted to play with me, strucks me. Such an amount of kindness.

Perhaps my pride felt wounded to be ignored for the first time by a girl.

Perhaps I felt sympathy to somebody whom we always compare to another member of the family, more shining?

Perhaps I simply become aware of her existence for the first time.

Perhaps it's the attraction of the darkness for the light.

perhaps it's the softness of spring.

I don't know. I fell in love with her.

For this day, I have all done to see her, randomly in street, in the places of practice, everywhere.

For this day, I have all done so that she sees me. But she doesn't look at me. My power don't impressione her , she don't extasy in front of my prowesses. Every evening, I am surrounded by a swarm of girls who ask me to go out with her. It don't interress me. I want just one of your glances, Hinata.

Often the evening, I find her alone in the training field. She trains without stoping, until exhaustion. Then I come training too. I try to help her. She always thanks me, but she would have thanked with the same manner anybody. When tiredness is too strong, she sit by ground to take again his breath, and I sit close to her, I wait until she rest. She speaks to me only seldom,  even at these times , she keep silent. She is a quiet girl, She is a timid girl. I almost don't speak too. I always found the words useless. They are always useless. They won't help me to collect her glance, always far. Then I look her in silence. I look at the moon reflected in her eyes. She is so beautiful.

When our team cross during missions, I see nothing anymore but the sun of Naruto's hair in your white eyes. You look at him only. Why him?! Why is he always my rival?! Why do you prefer the light to the darkness, moon girl? The light isn't made for you, the sun masks your glare, whereas in the darkness you are a queen, you shine.

Please, look at me
 "Looks at me, Hinata."

The words left without I realize it. Sitting both in the clearness of stars, silencers, I let my think rove too much, and the words have escaped me.

Hinata looks at me. She looks at my face, she plunges her glance in mine; "What there is, Sasuke?"

"I wanted that you looks at me."
She was surprised a little, but she continues to look at me, her eyes facing mine, her face turned towards mine, her lips so close to mine. A few tens of centimetres. A space which could quickly be crossed. Her eyes always looks at me, as if she scanned my heart; as if she wanted to bore the black of my pupils to see what they hide. This glance, a glance I waited since so a long time. Dazzled by his light, I close my eyes and my lips crosses the distance which separates us.

It's soft. When we separate, she always looks at me, reddening, disturbed... but she didn't try to push me back. "Looks at me, Hinata. Look at me trying to obtain your heart."

I am disturbed.

He didn't really surprise me when he kiss me. My eyes had understood that he wanted to do it. But then why I let him do? Now, I'm more disturbed.

You asked me to look at you... I didn't know that my glance was so important for you. Then, since that , I look at you. And I'm disturbed more and more.

What touched me in you, it's not your strenght, it's not your beauty, it's not your intelligence, it's not your dark and mysterious side.

What touched me in you, It's that you looked at me. You paid attention to me, you held account of my presence, you recognized my existence. For the third time, somebody looked at me and I felt to shine. Yes, when you looks at me, I have the feeling that I shine, that I'm the white moon brightening your face, heating your glance.

We looked at ourselves.

What touched me, it's that you listened to me. I'm a shy girl, I have difficulty to speak. But your ear is attentive to my weak voice. Far from the noise and uproar of the day, when we sit down side by side on the surface of training, you hear me, you hear only me. For the third time, somebody was attentive to my words. And you answered me.

We spoke each other.

What touched me, it's that you resemble to me. You know the pain which make these words :"I believed the members of this clan stronger than that". You too know that the weight of the name of a famous clan is heavy. You feel weak, too weak. You train all the time, you work without rest to become stronger.

We understood ourself.

What touched me... What filled me of heat... it's that you love me.

However... Naruto, you too, you did all that for me. You looked at me, You listened to me, You supported me and encouraged. You fought for me. I admire you always as much. You are always for me an idol, a warm sun. But it's not me whom you like. I know it. I sees it. For you, I'm a friend. Then I would be your friend.

Sasuke, you love me. Then when you will sit with me in the night and silence, I will whisper you that I love you.