Chapter 11: Naruto and Sasuke

Sun crossing the window wakes up Hinata too early for her taste. Fortunately a shade comes quickly between the too luminous sun and the face of the girl.  But her painful eyes prevent her to think of falling asleep again. She had to keep her black lenses all the night because of Naruto, who at present sleeps like happy, his head on the back of Hinata. Hinata rubbing her reddened eyes starts to extirpate from bed when she stops, understanding finally which was the origin of the shade.

Just opposite her was the blue shirt and the red glance of Sasuke Uchiwa, the lover-in-title of Naruto. Only his red eyes in his impassive face betray his anger. Hinata starts  to tremble a little and she shakes Naruto to wake him awkwardly. With a growl, the light-haired boy get up, still half asleep. But the vision of Sasuke wakes him brutally. And for once, the noisiest of the ninjas of the village keep silent. In the heavy silence of threat, Hinata moves back (everyone knows that we mustn't to turn the back on a Tiger) carefully towards the door of the bathroom, her eyes fixed on the face of Sasuke. Sheenters and closes the door, her heart beating to break. Absorptive by the relief of her painful eyes and the installation of a new pair of torture instrument, sorry..... of lenses, Hinata listen what are saying the two young men remained alone in the rooms.

To start,there is  a long moment of silence  very painful for Naruto. Hinata imagines him the eyes dropped, not daring to face Sasuke.
Naruto: "..Sasuke...."
Then again a long silence. Sasuke doesn't saya word, doesn't do anything and put Naruto at more and more badly ease.
Naruto:"I met Yuuki yesterday evening... and she cried..."
Definitely, Naruto isn't clever to justified himself.
Naruto:"It's still a problem with Hyugas... it remembers me Hinata... I wanted help her.... and...."
Sasuke: "Still Hinata...? you speak only about her...."
Naruto: "... no, it's..."
Yuuki: "It's my fault, Sasuke. It's me which lead him there."
Refusing to leave Naruto alone in the arena, Yuuki has just returned in the room to deal with Sasuke.
Sasuke: "..Is it a good reason? And that any girl makes him soft eyes is enough , so that he falls into her arms!?"
Yuuki: "No, he just wanted to help me and I misused his kindness..."

Sasuke looks at her now with his piercing eyes and Yuuki starts feels badly ease. Usually, Sasuke doesn't pay attention to any girl, but there, he studies her attentively. Hinata starts to panic and plays nervously with her fingers. When Sasuke takes a step towards her, she has an instinctive movement of retreat, but he catches her by the hair and pull her towards him brutally.
Sasuke:"it is not a wig..."
 fortunately the hair of Hinata had become long enough so that she doesn't need anymore to carry a wig. But Sasuke isn't stupid and knows that too.
then he tightens his hand towards the face of the girl... these eyes...
Yuuki doesn't have choice any more
Yuuki:  "I will remove them myself, Sasuke."
Naruto don't understand what happens, but he jumps, surprised by seeing the white pupils, characteristic of Hyuga, show.
Sasuke: "You are Hinata."
Sasuke  turns over towards him, a little surprised:
Sasuke: "You didn't know it?"
The eyes large open and the air of total amazement provide him the answer before Naruto open even the mouth.
Naruto: "It's Hinata??? I didn't know!!! but how it's possible??"
Yuuki: "Only Neji knows."
Sasuke: "explains us"

When Yuuki finish her story of the event last and present, she detects on the face of Sasuke a major disorder. His Sharingan had disappeared during the story and any trace of anger had been erased to leave place to some confusion. All the three remain one moment in silence, both boy digesting the overdose of information and Hinata observing the emotions ravel on their face.

Sasuke ends up rising and he faces Hinata.
Sasuke:  "Then you want to take him again from me?"
Hinata don't understand immediately.
Naruto! hesees her like a rival...
But for Hinata the answer is clear. "No".
Naruto and she answered at the same time. Naruto get up right in front of Sasuke to answer him.
Naruto:" I want to be with YOU, Sasuke. someone special for me, she is a very invaluable friend, and for a very long time. Yes, I was sad when we were separate. But now I am with you, Sasuke. And it's you whom I love."
Sasuke lowers a little the head, his emotion clearly readable on his face. Yuuki goes out gently and close the door behind her.  But she heard  Sasuke to answer with a weak voice " I love you too, Naruto."

Yuuki verifies carefully her appearance in a close window before leaving in direction to the medical cabinet. she will buy her breakfast in way. But suddenly, an idea make her stops brutally in the street. And if.......? But a byakugan through the wall teach her that it's not the moment to speak to the two lovers. She will do it later.

In the morning, Yuuki sees Naruto in the waiting room. He cames to say her that they will not betray her. But Yuuki has something  important to say. "Naruto, I would like to speak with Sasuke, alone."

While leaving for her midday pause, Yuuki sees Sasuke which awaits her in the street. She drags him in a small deserted park.
Sasuke: "Then, what you do want to me?" 
Yuuki: "Sasuke... are you really ..le last of Uchiwa's.?" 
Sasuke: "... yes." 
Yuuki: "Then... soon, I think that the council will force you.... to ensure your lineage and to marry.....Your future wife is perhaps even already selected... according to alliances or blackmails." 

Sasuke remains quiet. 
Yuuki: "You knows that already..because  what arrived at Neji...." 
Sasuke: "Yes,  but I will not accept a marriage at any price." 
Yuuki: "You need speak about it, Naruto and you.... You must say to him... so that you can search solutions together." 
Sasuke: "thez can't force me to accept." 
Yuuki: "They can .... you will accept it  for Naruto..... because if you don't have children, the village will reject the fault on him. And you know he needs the recognition of the village, Sasuke... " 
Sasuke: "... you are intelligent, Hinata. But do you have something to propose to us? Did you solve the problem with Neji?" 
Yuuki: "... No..." 
Sasuke was cruel to remember her  the argument of this night with Neji, but Hinata sees that he's as disabled as her. 
Yuuki: "Please, Sasuke... don't give him up... if you like him... don't abandon him... He needs you more than everybody..."
And  I need you, Neji....

chapter 12: an adventurous little sister

After having left Sasuke, Hinata walks towards the manor of the secondary branch Hyuga. She needs to see Neji. But at the entry, the guard refuses to let her pass. She goes away and hide to use her byakugan, but Neji isn't in the house. Moreover is the house strangely empty... perhaps they were all called to the principal manor...

A fast race brings Hinata in front of her old house. Her heart is tightened at this sight, but she wants to see Neji, at all costs. This time, Hinata doesn't even try to discuss with the guards at  entry. The secrete way in the wall is always there and Hinata threads quickly in the house. Everyone is busy, the maid run from an end to the other end of the house and speak with an excited voice. 

Marriage. The marriage. the marriage of Neji. It's the Marriage of Neji. Hinata feels bad suddenly. No! No! I want to see him! I don't want that he... 

The byakugan crosses the room of the house quickly and clings to a young man wearing a dark ceremony-Kimono. Hinata can see sadness on his face. Neji. With much prudence, Hinata approaches the room where Neji completes to prepare. I want to see him...I...

An unperceivable movement in a close bush makes her hide. she remains still and sees... Hanabi slipping silently out of the bush. The small girl didn't see her oldr sister. She looks from right to left and contines her quiet progression. Hinata follows her with her glance, intrigued... and sees her moving towards the wall of the bottom and passing by the secrete way! Now, Hinata panics. Everyone is so busy that nobody will notice her disappearance before long. And if something happens to her ? If she is abducted ? And why does she leave to nobody-know-where, whereas an important ceremony will occurs?
Undecided about the procedure, Hinata sees Hanabi going more and more far in the streets of Konoha... obviously, her  direction is the doors of the village. Otherside, Neji is alone in his room, hardly ten meter far of her...  But Hanabi is without protection... But she wants to see Neji... Hanabi... Neji.... and while she hesitates, her little sister passes the doors of Konoha and spring on the road. This sight makes Hinata choose. She can't let her sister in danger, she' s responsible for her escape, because she was the person who had made this small secrete way. Then with a last glance of regret towards Neji, Hinata chooses herduty and leaves to the pursuit of her young sister.

Hanabi took much advance and her traces are difficult to read. 'It's not astonishing that Hiashi Hyuga places all his hope in her, she is really strong' thinks Hinata. But  Hinata has stamina and without difficulty she follows the track on the road. Hinata gradually manages to gain on Hanabi, but the road that she takes worries Hinata for an indefinable reason... Until she recognizes the bridge, lately rebuilt..the road of Kaishima...

Her Marriage...  abandonment... fall in water... near  dead... her memories attacks the girl who falls in tears. Father, Mother, why did you give me up, sold me ...? Why? Under the blow of her despair, Hinata can't go further. She can't, no, she can't cross this bridge.... But of the other hand, there is Hanabi, which always runs. If she discovers that her sister isn't in Kaishima, that will happen? And Kaishima is a large city, she can make bad meetings there...

Then Hinata gathers her courage and takes a step towards the bridge.

then another 
A red and gold kimono 
still a step 
a palaquin carried by warriors 
another step 
a sinister cracking 
a step 
a fall 
a step 
dark and cold water 
a step 
the prison of her clothing 
another step
a step 
a step 
Neji who came to save her 
two steps 
Neji who came to take her
three Steps 
Neji who take her in his arms
Hinata stops and looks. She passed the bridge. She feels lighter, but exhausted at the same time, as if she had just runs during days. With a last glance for the bridge which changed all his life, she runs, following the trace of the little girl. Hinata forces the pace, she wants to arrive at Kaishima before Hanabi, to make her believe that she really lives there. The ideal would be that Hanabi meet her"by chance" in a street.

//ext POV//

But Hinata took too much delay after her sister and Hanabi arrives in the city long before her. Hanabi moves without hesitating towards a large residence in the East part of the town.
 She announce to the gate-keeper: "I am Hyuga Hanabi. I want to see my sister Hinata."
The guard looks at her with a strange way.
He has orders and he hides me something, analyzes Hanabi.
The guard leads the small girl in a living room while saying to her to await the master here, then he installs another guard in faction in front of the door of the living room. But Hanabi, despite appearance, is a frightening ninja and she doesn't have any difficulty to thwart the monitoring of the guard and leave the small room. She wants to research her sister in the large house. Hanabi checks all the rooms of the house,but Hinata is not here. perhaps she is outside? Hanabi find the office of the chief of the family, where he is discussing with agitation with other members of the family and advisers. Hanabi approaches and hides to listen to them.
And she understands . Hinata died. They hid the truth to them.

At the exterior of the house, Hinata ends up finding the room where is Hanabi with her byakugan, and she reads on her face the storm of feelings which tears the small girl. All trembling, Hanabi takes a scroll in her pocket and opens it. Hinata sees her sister disapear in clouds of smoke without being able to do anything. A teleportation. She return to the house. At the same time relieved of knowing her sister healthy and safe, and saddened not to have been able to prevent her to discover the truth, Hinata walks again towards Konoha.

In the largest room of the Hyuga house,it's the middle of the banquet of marriage when a cloud of smoke appears with Hanabi. a obviously confused Hanabi.
Hiashi: "Hanabi, where were you?"
Hanatai: "Hinata died! I was in Kaishima and Hinata died since nearly one year!"
Agitation seizes the room. Hisahi approaches her daughter but she strikes the hand which he tightens towards her.
Hanabi: "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!" then she leaves running to lock in her room. The tumult in the eating room is indescribable and nothing any more remains of the cheerfulness of the fest.
 Even if she were the last of the clan, the death of a Hyuga is an unacceptable thing!
an investigation should be made!
Kaishima people owe us explanations!
The words geos in all the directions.
Only Neji  keep silent, half-amused, half-anxious by the situation.

chapter 13: weddings evening

In the loudy room, Neji seems as cold and calms as accustomed. besides him , his wife Korine too. She don’t understand the reason of the agitation which disturbs her wedding banquet. And it upset her, Neji sees it. The more the minutes pass, the more she seems unbearable to the young man.

Initially, the fact that she had separated him from Hinata doesn’t play in her favour. Then, Neji understood with the first glance that the only thing to which the girl is interrested in this marriage was the richness of Hyuga and the prestige of the name. She didn’t have any interest towards Neji. To say the truth, Korine is neither ugly, nor stupid, but when compared with Hinata, she seems quite insipid in Neji’s eyes.

And the concerns of Neji are currently far from the marriage. He thinks of Hinata. He had succeeded in driving out his thought during the ceremony, to make good figure. But the advertisement of Hanabi had made re-appear with even more clearness... the absence of Hinata. Neji didn’t see her since 24hour and she misses him. Moreover, now an inquire will be launched about the circumstances of the death of the Hyuga girl, she isn’t anymore safe. Neji doesn’t know that Hinata had followed her sister, and he seeks a means of informing her as fast as possible.

And he decides to go see her. His decision is made.

Nobody anymore care of the young couple and the banquet is vasted, Korine is in very bad mood. Whereas she had finally succeeded in entering one of the greatest families of Konoha, a dead comes to disturb her victory. She forces to maintain on her face a contracted smile while hshe and her new husband moves towards the bridal room in the general indifference. But her misfortunes aren’t finished.

After having closed the door behind them, her husband speaks to her with serious tone, instead of starting the consumption of the marriage.
Neji: "I will be very clear with you: you interresses me absolutely not."
Korine is deafened, and she doesn’t even try to pretend anymore.
she retorts: "me either, but you are MY husband and..."
Neji: "I doesn’t belong to you. This marriage is only one alliance between our two families and nothing more. You will not have anything from me. Our family will get to you all that you need. Then live your life, I would live mine. "

Neji gets rid of his heavy jacket and opens the window, preparing to leave by the opening.
Korine: "You even will not....... sleep with me?"
Neji: "No, no desire."
Korine burn of rage to be scorned . Neji belongs to her, she will not let him leave.
Korine: "You provides me a beautiful reason for divorce."
Neji: "By asking for the divorce, you would make me happy. I didn’t want to marry you."
Korine: "I will take a lover!"
Neji: " if you want, don’t get pregnant. It will be badly seen that you have a child who’s eyes aren’t white."
Korine: "I will complain to your family about the way in which you treat me.!"

The words of the woman dies in her throat by seeing Neji turn over her, his eyes surrounded of projecting veins and with  wrinkled eyebrows. It’s the first time that she sees Byakugan in action. But she doesn’t have time to be afraid. Neji pushes her wildly against the wall, with a hand on her mouth. His voice is only one murmur but it freezes terror the young woman.

Neji: " You know, with the byakugan and my fighting style, I can destroy somebody by interior without no trace appearing to the exterior. I can even make so that death seems to be natural, undetectable even with an autopsy... And if you ever do something to harm me, I will not hesitate to get rid of you. Is it clear?"

Yes, she understand. Korine understand that she had married somebody strong and able to kill her if she is a nuisance. Much stronger than her who has just her  Ninja diploma. Neji releases his wife which falls to knees by ground, her legs trembling.
 He leaves by the window.

Neji crosses the gardens and arrives at the secrete way of Hanabi. He leaves without being seen and goes to the apartment of Yuuki (Hinata) by by-paths. With  great surprise, she isn’t here. It’s late however, she should have returned of work....

The heart corroded by concern, Neji decides to await Hinata  a little before go to her research. Perhaps she was called in urgencies by a sick personn...
and if she had left the village after their discussion of the previous night?
And if she had been attacked...?
Neji turns in round in the tiny apartment, more and more agitated .

Finally, he hears light steps in the staircase. Yuuki! Neji precipitates to her meeting, but solidifies while seeing in which state she is: Tired, the clothing torn by brambles, one of her sandals missing , sheets and the branches in the hair... and especially an expression of sadness on the face.

Neji: "Yuuki! What happened to you?"
The face of Yuuki bright suddenly to the sound of his voice. In two jump,  she is in his arms.
Yuuki: "Neji, oh Neji, you are here..."
Neji: " Yuuki... I... "
They remain quiet a long moment, intertwined in the medium of the staircase, before going up in the small studio, hand in hand. Neji is first to remember the reality.
Neji: "Yuuki, your family learned the news of Hinata’s dead."
Yuuki: "Yes, I know. I saw my sister going in Kaishima, I  didn’t succeed in prevent her  to discover... what will we do?"
Neji: "For the moment, wait. You will have to be twice more careful. We will see how the inquire progress."
Yuuki realizes suddenly: "Neji! Sasuke and Naruto discovered who I am!!"

Neji: "How? " 
Yuuki: "They promised to me that they will not say anytuing, but if hokage asks them to inquire..." 
Neji: "No risk, Naruto was too close to you, He couldn’t act lucidly in a inquiry on your death.The Hokage knows it. But how did they discover it, Yuuki? It’s  Naruto...?" 

Suddenly Yuuki seems a few embarrassed... how announce that in Neji?? 
Yuuki: "Not, it’s Sasuke, he recognized me in spite of the make-up..." 
Neji: "Sasuke? he, which never looks at the face of a girl? " 
Yuuki starts to play nervously with her fingers and to lower the head seeming guilty. Neji feels his heart beat faster while he starts to understand. 
Yuuki: "Naruto... I .....he came.... yesterday evening... and ... I.....we...... we... did... together..." 
The voice of Yuki is so weak that it’s almost inaudible. And Neji keeps silence, she doesn’t dare to raise her head for reading on his face. 
Yuuki: "... sorry.....Neji... we... We have... spent the night together." 

The eavy silence prolonges. Neji finally manages to answer Hinata: "You didn’t waste time .... to"
Yuuki: "No! it’s not that!! I was despair, I thought I would never see you again. And he comforted me, we discussed much and... I know that it’s not a reason, but... nobody can replace you for me! "
Neji: "and you fell into the Naruto’s arms at the first occasion!"
Yuuki: " Forgive me, Neji, I ask you for forgiveness... but yesterday I felt so  abandoned... I have only you in the world... without you, I am so alone... and also I am jealous!"
Yuuki: "I am jealous of this woman whom you married, with who you will make your life and..." 
Neji: "Yuuki, where I am in this moment?" 
Yuuki raises the head, a little surprised. The face of Neji still reflects a little anger and of sadness... but also a great determination..... but why does he ask this question? 
Yuuki: "euh...... here ....but..." 
Neji: "and where should I be?" 
Yuuki understand finally. 
Neji: " It’s with you that I want to live, Yuuki, it’s with you that I want to make my life, and nobody other. Yuuki, do you agree to live with me... all your life?" 
Yuuki: " Neji... obviously  I accept, Neji!" 

Chapter 14:  Fox's seal

This day, Yuuki is tired, but merry when she go to the medical cabinet. Yesterday evening, Neji and her decided to live together. They decided to live only of their two wages, and not to benefit more from the richness of Hyuga, in order to not depend on it. They also will move for a larger apartment. Their projects of common life fly in the head of Yuuki while she goes with a quick step.

In the medical cabinet, she starts by excuses toward the Doctor for her absence of the afternoon and she registers for one additional evening of medical guard to compensate for her missing hours. Yuuki is a serious and hard-working girl, and the doctor excuses her readily.
Doctor: " Yuuki, yesterday afternoon, at the end of the consultation, Mr. Uzumaki came to see you. But as you were not there, I said him to pass by again this morning towards 9h. I want that you take him in priority, he seems a little anxious and you have a good contact with this patient."
Yuuki: "well"

Naruto had come to see her? Was it in connection with Sasuke? or then with the ventral seal whose medical cabinet had the monitoring? Yuuki don't know exactly which is the utility of the seal of Naruto, but she knows that it must be supervised attentively and reinforced if there is the smallest sign of weakness. She is able to do it, now. She worked much on the seals, and thanks to her byakugan, she can locate the smallest cracks in the features or on the contrary  create seals so small that they are almost invisible. Especially, she started to study the seal of the secondary branch of the Hyuga family... and to find parades.

At 9h esactly, Naruto is in the waiting room and Yuuki inserts him in the cabinet. The doctor lets her do alone certain consultation, and especially those of Naruto. Yuuki sees that the doctor is afraid of Naruto.
Naruto: " Hello Yuuki. you wasn't here yesterday, what happenned to you?"
Yuuki: " Lot of things... and Neji and me, we will live together!"

Yuuki tells Naruto the principal events of the day before. Naruto is delighted for it, but acknowledges that the problem with Sasuke will not be solved so easily. They discussed together the evening, but didn't find any solution for the moment.
Yuuki: " It would be necessary that you find a woman who agree to make the surrogate mother... but without living with you... "
Naruto: " It's especially necessary to find a woman who Sasuke likes , and that's bloody hard!!"
Yuuki smiles, Naruto seems healthy and happy. All is good.
Yuuki: " But with the fact, why did you want to see me, yesterday?"
Naruto: " Ah, yes, I was forgeting . I come to see you because my seal changed its appearance."
Yuuki worries a little: " Ah? show me."

Naruto takes off his tee-shirt and concentrates his Chakra, emphasizing the red spiral being rolled up around his navel. Yuuki quickly locates the change, one of the signs on the circumference is different. She write it on the file of Naruto, then she take various scroll on the racks to test the effectiveness of the seal. At the end of the various examinations, Yuuki delivers her conclusions to Naruto: "The seal always functions like before. It's not completely hermetic, but it always was like that. I didn't find anything modified for the moment, I will make research on the new sign, I will warn you as soon as I have something. But you don't have to worry, all is well." 
Naruto: " OK, thank you Yuuki, you're the best! well, I go there, I have job." 
Yuuki: " Euh, Naruto...can I ask you... what serves this seal?" 
Naruto stops and thinks one moment. 
Yuuki: " You don't have to tell me, if you prefer to keep that for you... " 
Naruto: " Normally, it's a taboo subject... but to you, I want to say it. I have say it to Sasuke too. This seal is used to lock up the nine tails Demon Fox in my body." 
Yuuki remains quiet by digesting information, but she isn't part of the generation which knew the fear of the demon-fox. Naruto was never the demon-fox in her eyes. Then this news doesn't upset her, not more than when she discovered the snake's seal on the neck of Sasuke, or the seal of Neji. It's her work.
Yuuki: " Thank you to have said it to me, I think that it will help me much in my research."
Naruto: " you... don't fear me?"
Yuuki: " No, why?"
Naruto smiles, another person accepted him even by knowing that he "is" the demon-fox. He's happy... one day, all the village will accept him.
Naruto: " Nothing, nothing. Goodbye Yuuki and thank you."

The days pass quickly in the village, the patients to be looked after, the missions to fill, the removal to be organized.... Yuuki hardly has free time. For three weeks, she has studied the new sign on the seal of Naruto, but she hardly progresses... it's a sign which she never yet saw, and she peels the files in vain, she doesn't find a similar one. But she has at least discovered that it's probably the Fox itself which modified it.

Another subject of concern came lately... her period have two weeks of delay,which never arrived to her before. Yuuki worry much. She was taken the pill, she is sour never to have forgotten it, and the ninja pills are reliable at 100%... then she can't be... pregnant... it would be impossible...
Gathering er courage, Yuuki decides to speak about it to Dr. Isha, who auscultates her.
Docteur:"Yuuki, there aren't any possible error, you are pregnant. from three weeks. You must stop your pill."
Yuuki remains dumb. It's not possible... She's pregnant of Neji?... or then... three weeks, of Naruto?.... Yuuki doesn't know which of the two options is the worst.

Always under the shock, she breaks down in the armchairs of her small office. What to do? speak to Neji? to Naruto? keep the child? abort ? she doesn't know...

A child... She will have a child... Yuuki closes the eyes and feels waves of happiness to invade her. a child... oh her. A little baby.... After having checked that she's alone, Yuuki concentrates her Byakugan and makes her glance plunge through herself, to the research of the small cluster of cells which will become her child. And she finds it. So small, so fragile... Yuuki feels her heart melts... 

Then tightened suddenly while seeing, slightly shining on the internal wall of the close uterus... a red sign... which is familiar to her... 
Feverishly, she take her pencil and draw it, then compares it with that of Naruto. They are complementary. And once assembled, she immediately recognizes the form which appears under she eyes. The seal of fruitfulness.

And Yuuki has finally the solution: the Fox modified the seal of Naruto and  acts on it so that she falls pregnant from the young light-haired boy... At least, Yuuki know now the paternity of the child. and she feels relieved, of one side, not to be pregnant of her cousin, and culprit, of the other side. She fears the reaction of Neji. 

But why did the Fox do that?
Yuuki knows that she must speak immediately about it to the Doctor, who will submit a priority report to Hokage. But what will decide Hokage? to make her abort? To marry her with Naruto?
And the child, he will have the white eyes of Hyuga ... if the village knows that the father is Naruto, they will discover that Yuuki is a Hyuga, and understand that she is Hinata. How will they react?

But if Yuuki doesn't say anything, Everyone will be persuaded that Neji is the father of the child. Will he be sealed, withdrawn with the guard of Yuuki to be raised at the manor?

myriads of questions without answers are hustled in the head of Yuuki. For the moment, she chooses to keep silent. she tears and burns the sheet where she made her drawings. She will speak about it with Neji this evening, and Naruto. They will decide all the three of what they will do.

chapter 15: small disturbing things

When Yuuki goes home this evening, she understand that there's a very serious problem:
how will she announce the news? and to whom?
I should  say to Neji, and Naruto... but to whom must I speak  first? Both at the same time...... hm, it would be dangerous to gather Neji and Naruto in the same room. Yes, I must start to tell Neji.....

He ... will be hurt... we can't have children, together....

After, it should be said to Naruto... and thus to Sasuke too .Yes, I'll speak to them both at the same time... ah!  it's complicated...

She stop thinking when she hears steps in the staircase: Neji is here. She opens the door to him and kiss him with tenderness.
Yuuki: "Okaerinasai. (welcome)"
Neji: "Tadaimasu. (I'm home)"
Yuuki: "How was the day?"
Neji: "Well,good. Yuuki, I see on your face that somethings good happened?. What ?"
Yuuki doesn't know how to begin. She starts to play nervously with her wicks of hair... Her attitude doesn't escape the sharp eyes of Neji. He feels his heart tightening...
Neji: "It's about Naruto. Am I wrong?"
Yuuki: "O... yes... I'm pregnant... of him...."

She said it. A long silence answers her. Neji's face is hidden in his hands. The contained sadness make him shake. Yuuki feels  pained for him, and culprit again. The tears go up in her eyes. She embrace Neji and hold him against her.
Yuuki: "Neji... I... I am..."
Neji: "How? you take the pill...."
Yuuki: "It 's because of..."

Yuuki understand that she can't say the true reason to Neji. It's a secrecy which Naruto entrusted to her, and she should not betray it without his agreement.
Yuuki: "I'm not allowed to say it... medical secrecy... you know that Naruto is... special .You had tell  me about the combat at the time of the chuunin tournament, when I lost consciousness...."
Neji: "yes, I know..."
Yuuki: "I told nobody about it... and I think that nobody should know that Naruto is the father..."
Neji: "I must be. It's what you want to say?

Neji looks at the white eyes of Yuuki. He sees her joy of being mother on her face, and her fear to be rejected. How could he reject her? She's the treasure of his life. A treasure very difficult to protect. A treasure who fight to make her life with him.
Neji: "you're right... it's your child... it's a Hyuga... it will be mine too... I will take care of t like I take care of you."


In the Hyuga manor, a maid knocks on the door of a room.
the maid: "Hanabi-sama, the meal is ready..."
A voice answer her without open the door.
Hanabi: "Bring my plate in my room."
maid: "Your father asks you to attend the meal..."
maid: "Hanabi-sama, if you don't come in the dining room, you won't have anything. The master prohibited that we bring a plate to you."
Hanabi: "I am not hungry!"

The discouraged maid comes to the dining room where all the family is sitting at the table.
maid: " The young maitress refused to come, Hiashi-sama."
Hiashi: "don't bring her anything to eat. This whim must cease."
The mother of hanabi and hinata: "Hanabi  is so obstinated, I fear that she prefer to die of hunger rather than to leave her room. She's really obstinated... She resemble to you, Hiashi..... and to Hinata too...."
The dining romm seems darker one moment. The grandmother launch another subject for conversation, about the damage caused by the last tempest.

Alone in her room, Hanabi starts to be hungry. But she can't forgive her family. Hinata died because of them!  She wants to see them never again!


While Neji cooks the meal,  Yuuki puts covers on the small kitchen table in silence. They're both in their thoughts. Neji stops the silence suddenly and makes Yuuki start.
Neji: " Say nothing to Naruto."
Yuuki: " But... "
Neji: "It's my child. yes or no?"
Yuuki: "Euh, yes... but ... euh.... I must speak to him because of... "
because of the Fox... but I can't say that....
Yuuki: " because of Sasuke."
Neji: "?????"
Yuuki: "As soon as he'll know that I'm pregnant, he'll understand who is the true father. And he will say it to Naruto."
Neji: "It's true, Sasuke is very intuitive...  But I don't think that he'll say it to Naruto... He wants as much as me to keep for him alone  the love of his life..."
Yuuki (reddening): "Neji..."
Neji: "But you're right, we must warn Sasuke. And tell him not to  say  Naruto."
With Sasuke, I could speak about the Kyuubi... But I don't feel right to hide that to Naruto....
Neji "Yuuki, promise me to say nothing to Naruto, please..."
Yuuki: "I promise."

The following day at the medical cabinet, Yuuki writes a short message to Sasuke, asking  him to go here for a controlle of the snake seal. Then ,while waiting for her first patient, she reads book about the seals of controlle.
For a long time, she has a dream. She always heard that the Second branch seal was irreversible... but a sentence of Doctor Isha gave her some hope again.
"No seal is indestructible, it's just that we didn't find the parade yet."

 At the evening, Sasuke comes to see her.
Sasuke: "You have something important to say me, Yuuki?"
Yuuki: " Yes, it's about Naruto. You know that his seal changed his form recently. I discovered the reason. the Fox... made me become pregnant of Naruto."
Sasuke seems to be unperturbed, but Yuuki sees that he's shocked inside. She finish her explanations quickly.
Yuuki: "Neji will claim the paternity, but he doesn't want that I say the truth to Naruto..."
Sasuke: "I see that Neji and I have the same toughts."
Yuuki: "Sasuke, you don't feel bad  to hide that to Naruto?"
Sasuke: "No."
Yuuki sighs. She fells bad. But for the moment, she doesn't have the choice.
Yuuki: "Undersood... I won't say anything to him..."


Hanabi is always locked in her room... She's really hungry. She didn't eat anything since the previous evening... When she examines the interior of the house with her Byakugan, she sees that the family  members are gathered in the conference room. It's good, she'll be able to leave without being seen.  Quiet like a shade, Hanabi slips into the corridors and gardens and reachs the kitchen. She loads a large bag with provisions  and water bottles and brings back it in her room. With that, she can hold on. Suddenly, she understand that the meeting is surely about the research of Hinata. She wants to know. 
With more precaution, the small girl settles behind the door of the room to listen. 
Somebody is reading the summary of the inquiry :Hinata had fallen into the river during the voyage towards Kaishima and her body had not been found.
the grandmother: "It's very bad. If ever her body fell into wrong hands!  hum... this river flows towards East... and passes not far from the Water country. Equipe 1, you continue to follow the river to the search her body. Equipe 2: inquire at the Fog ninja village. Equipe 3: seek in the countries more in the East. There's a considerable chance that she's still in life, and that she flee thanks to this occasion . If you find her, bring her back , dead or alive."

 Hanabi had taken again hope by hearing that her sister could be alive, but the last words of her grandmother makes her anger again. Assassin! monster!! I hates you all!  I will protect Hinata!

When she returns to her room, Hanabi takes her decision: she must do something.
 If my sister is alive and she's hidden somewhere, I must warn her and protect her!......
But alone... what can I do? I Need somebody to help me..................... Neji......
Yes, Neji-niisan!!!  The day when Hinata left, he had come to see her. He worries about her and... Ha, but...... it's strange..... what Neji-niisan did this day, after I told the news to him? The inquiry report says that he was with the chunins group... but it's  a mistake, because I knows that he wasn't all the time in the group....
And if Neji-niisan knew something that he hides to the others of the family about Hinata?
While reconsidering... When I announced the death of Hinata, he stayed very calm...
Yes, Neji nii-san knows something...
I must go to see him.

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