Chapter 31: In the dreams of a small girl

Hello, today it's me, Alia Hyuga, who tells the story! I'm  7 years old, and I'm learning how to become a Shinobi. Before, I trained just with my Dad, my Mom and Naruto (he's a friend of Dad and Mom, I like him!). But now, I go to the Ninjas Academy! It's great! We learn lots and lots of things, and I have lots of friends. Dad and Mom also, they went to this school a long time ago. And you know what?  I have better grades than them in Ninjutsu, professor Iruka says that I'm very gifted for that. On the other hand, I don't like Genjutsu. And about Taijutsu,  since I have Dad who trains me at home, I'm the first of my class in this lesson!

You see, all goes well for me... except that...  you know... but.... don't repeat it to anybody! In fact, I have lots of odd dreams. Initially, it's very black, and that it's fearsome. Then then I walk in a large corridor, with water on the ground. And then, there's a very very large cage, with behind a large animal. I don't see very well what kind of animal because it's very black inside, and then... I fear of going too near. The large animal, it has Biiiiiig claws and biiiiiiig teeth. It must be painful when it bites.

You won't make fun of me, okay...? But, the first time that I saw it... and well I was so afraid that... I peed in my bed. I awoke suddenly, and my bed, it was wet. I cried and I called Mom. She came to comfort me, and she didn't even thunder me. I tried to ell her the nightmare, but I didno't manage to explain it well. Fortunately, I believe that Mom understood nevertheless, and I saw that she was very very anxious. My nightmare frightened her too! . And my Dad too, and Naruto. Everyone is very afraid of my nightmare. Then, I decided that I wouldn't frighten them anymore, and that I won't tell them my other nightmares. And then, in any case, I'm not too afraid of the nightmare anymore. I took the habit. I don't want that my Mom and my Dad are anxious. Then I won't say them anything on my nightmares. It's the first reason.
The large animal behind the door  said to me that he won't ever attack me, because I was his daughter. The big beast is totally wrong! My Dad has white eyes, and not the beast!
Good, then, but.... he doesn't say only silly things, the large animal. It's for that reason that I stay in the dream room  to listen to him. It's is easy to leave, I just must  awake!
When I see the beast in my dream, he tells me lots of powerful techniques, especially in Ninjutsu. It's too hard for me to use them now, because I don't have much Chakra. But the large animal said that, in fact, I have lots and lots and lots of Chakra, and that all this Chakra had been locked up in a seal maid bye Mom. The first time that he said that  that, I was very angry! My mom, she never made a seal on me! She's a kind Mom!  And then, I awoke.
And I looked with my Byakugan in my back. I saw the small black spot, there, bellow. And by increasing my sight much, I saw that it was a seal. A micro-seal, like the one which only my Mom can do. Then, I was very very sad, that my Mom made a seal on me. It's like she betrayed me. Then I won't say anything to her about the large animal. It's the second reason.
In fact, he was right, the large animal. With the jutsu that he showed me this night, I could broke a little the seal of Mom, but only in my dream, it's not for truth. And then, guess what... I had tails which appeared! It was very funny, above the buttocks, I had four hairy tails of the same color as my hair. I didn't understand why. Then the large animal showed me his back, and he too, he had hairy tails, but not the same color. He said: "It's the proof that you're my daughter, you're a Fox-girl." And then I had fangs and claws, and, and.... and my Dad, he's not my Dad. It's the third reason.

There, just when I awake, I cry. Dad, he's not Dad, he lied to me. And Mom too. And the true is... I'm not a true  daughter, I'm a vixen-girl. And I'm very very sad. And if Dad and Mom don't like anymore Alia, And if really tails and claws and teeth appears a day ,  And... And....  I don't want!!!!
Because I cry too loud, Papa hears and comes to see me.
Neji: "Alia, my treasure, what's happened? You had a nightmare?"
Alia:"Y... Ye... Yes! Ouinn!"
Dad lights the light and carries me in his arms. I'm relieved  to be in Dad'sarms, even if he's not my Dad for truth.
Neji: "My little treasure, it's over. It's just a nightmare, it's not real."
Alia: "What is in the dreams, it's not true? really?"
Neji: "No, you just have to open the eyes, and the unpleasant dreams are gone." 

Then perhaps the large animal is just a dream, perhaps my Dad is really my Dad, perhaps.... but, it's complicated, because the easy jutsus that the large animal  learned me, they work when I'm awake. The  seal of my Mom, it's here in the bottom of my back...  which is true? which is not true?
Rocked by my Dad, my eyes closes, I want to sleep . And I falls asleep, gently.... and I come back to the wet room, to  the large animal which is my true Dad in the dreams.

Kyubi is his name.

Chapter 32: Water clones and drops

-POV Neji-

Since this night when she dreamed of Kyubi, Alia worried us, Hinata and me. She has nightmares, but refuses to tell us about them. Sometimes, she looks at us with distrust...  As if she didn't trust her own parents. What does upset her in her dreams? All, Hinata, Naruto, I, we try not to show our concern. But, she's a true Hyuga girl, she's able to read our emotions and our feelings  on our faces bodies. Do we have to already tell her about Kyubi, her true father? But she's still so small. How will she react? And then, I don't want... I don't want that she stops calling me Dad.

My dear little daughter, you're sleeping. You're dreaming, I see you agitating in your sleep. I'm anxious.

 -POV Alai-

Plic. Plic. Plic. It's the noise of water in the wet room.
Plic. Plic. Plic. It's the noise of the water which squirts when I try some jutsus with my dad-fox.
Plic. Plic. Plic. It's the noise of the tears of my dad-fox. He's very sad, locked up all alone in this very wet cage, since a very very very long time. There's never nobody who comes to play with him, except me.
Alia: "But why are you in a cage, Kyubi?"
Kyubi: "My dear little daughter, why don't you want to call me Father? I'm your true father. My dear vixen daughter "

I think a little. Father, it's not like Dad. Dad, it's the Dad who is not in the dream. And then, this poor Fox, he seems so sad, he even cries. I see large tears which fall from his muzzle, which sounds "Plic Plic Plic" on the water ground. All this water on the ground, they are all tears?
Alia: "I will, F.. Father."
The Fox makes move his tails, which splash everywhere. He seems happy now.

Kyubi: "You're a good girl, Alia. To thank you, I'll give you a surprise. I'll teach you a new jutsu. But, don't forget. You aren't allowed  to use it unless I do say so. You're still too young to decide all alone to use such powerful jutsus."
Alia: "And when I would be tall, I could use them when I want?"
Kyubi: "Of course, when you're tall, you'll be strongest, with all the techniques that I teach you, my daughter.The strongest of the vixen. My daughter, Yonbi."
Alia: "Yon-Bi?"
Kyubi: "It means four tails. You have four tails of power, therefore Yonbi."
It's funny. Yonbi. Four tails, it means that I'm four times strong, then!
The sun wake me up and I leave the dream. It's already time to eat and go to the school.
Hinata: "Hello my treasure, did you sleep well?"
Alia: "Yes! "
My mom smiles to me. My nice Mom. But also my Mom who lied me, and who made a seal to make disappear my Fox tails.
Alia: "Today, at school, there's a test, then you need to give me lots of snacks."
Neji: "Really? A test about what?"
Alia: " Ninjutsu! Then, what kind of snacks are you giving me?"
My Dad laughs. My nice Dad. But also my Dad who isn't my Dad for truth.
Hinata: "I think that brioche make the deal, what you do think, Neji?"
Neji: "If you eat too much brioche, Alia, you'll end up ressembling them and becoming very fat and round, my treasure, like a girl-brioche."
Alia: "It's not true!"

Mom nevertheless give me brioches, and Dad accompanies me at school. It's professor Iruka who make the test. It's a control about Clones. It's alright, I'm rather good, I manage to make two clones. My friends, they just manage to do one. It was me the first of the class in Ninjutsu at the last test. But now, there's Souchi in the class.

It's small, 5 years old. It's Sasuke's son. I know Sasuke, it's the one Naruto love. It's a little odd, because Soushi and his Mom don't live with Sasuke and Naruto. But, good, this is some adult problem. And well, it seems that Soushi is a genius. He even entered to Ninja Academy whereas he's is too small.

I don't like him. It's true that he's strong. But not as strong as me! I have better grades in taijutsu. I'm really better than him!! Professor Iruka is questioning him and.... waaaaah, he makes three clones!! Three  true clones, which can move well!! But, but, but... I can't make three clones! He'll have a better grade than me. No, I don't want! I must manage to make 4 clones... But, with Henge No Jutsu, I can't.... I know! I know what I'll do!

Iruka: "Alia Hyuga."
I go down  in front of the blackboard. I make the signs well and I shout "Kage Bunshin!"
And here! I manage in making four clones!! All the class is impressed, even professor Iruka: "It's.... it's it very well, Alia."
To tell the truth, I used a jutsu that the Fox learned to me. Normally, I'm not allowed... but... it's almost the same than cloning, no?  And I'll have a better note than Soushi, I'll be still the first!

In the pause, Iruka asks me: "It's Naruto who taught you this jutsu, Alia? You know, you need to pay attention when you use it, the jutsu asks much chakra. I prefer that you use normal Henge when you're at school."
Alia: "Yes, sensei!"
Why does he believe that it's Naruto who taught me that? It's Kyubi who taught me! But since I must keep it secret,  there's nothing wrong. And the brioches of Mom are good!

At the end of day, Mom is waiting  to bring me back home, and Professor Iruka comes with me to speak to her.
Iruka: "Hello Mrs. Hyuga."
Hinata: "Hello professor Iruka. Then, did Alia work well?"
Iruka: "Yes, she succeed to the test very well. Moreover, she surprised me. She did a Kage Bunshin. I'm sure that it's  Naruto who taught her this technique!"
Hinata is surprised: "Naruto? I didn't know... Alia, did Naruto teach you this jutsu."

Mom looks at me with attention. I don't know why, but she seems anxious.Did I do something wrong?
Hinata: "Alia, my darling, is Naruto the one who taught you?"
I make no with my head, I start to feel uneasy. Mom seems increasingly anxious, she guessed something about the Fox? But she doesn't know the Fox, my Mom, it's only in the dream.
Hinata: "Alia, say me, who  taught you the Kage Bunshin?"
I continue to shake my head, I'm not allowed to say it. I see well that it's serious, I sees it on Mom's face. I'm afraid. Perhaps I did a bad thing. Perhaps I'll be locked up in a cage, like Kyubi.
Hinata: "Alia, my darling, you can say to your Mom..."
Iruka: "Alia, Kage Bunshin is a normally a prohibited jutsu. You must say us how you learned it."

I feel very bad now. Then, it was really a bad bad bad thing?  But Kyubi can do it... because of that, he's in a cage? Then, me also, I'll be locked up in a cage? All alone, in the black? I don't want!
Alia: "I don't want! I don't want to be locked up in the cage!"
I'm very afraid. Then I run away. I made lots of clone which goes in all the directions, and I disappear in the forest. I used all the tricks taht the Fox taught me, and I succeeded to escape. I hide inside a tree. I feel very unhappy. I cry. I want my Mom, I want my Dad... but they'll lock up me in the cage or make me a seal... Ouin, ouin, ouin!
I cried much, much. So much that I fell asleep, and I arrived in the very wet room.
Alia: "Father! Father! they want to put me in the cage!!"

Chapter 33: three fathers

----- Neji POV---

No panic, I must... to not panic... alright... I won't panic..... stay calm.
Alia have disappeared. I just learned it  by Hinata. Something happened at school, and Alia ran away. She succeeded escaping  Hinata, the four chunins who was in the school and the two jounins who're guarding in this part of the village.
Neji: "But how does she do?"
Hinata: "She used Kage bunshin, as well as many Ninjutsu and Genjutsu of very high level"
Neji: " High level techniques? Who...?"
Hinata: "Who teach her, that's the problem! I checked at Naruto, and it's not him, neither the other members of our family, nor the professors... and it's somebody about which she doesn't want to speak. It's for this reasan that she ran away. And also.... she spoke about a cage...and according to Naruto.............."
Neji: "What? "
Hinata: "When he met Kyuubi... he was locked up in a cage"

Kyuubi. Hinata pronounced these words with semi-voice, so that nobody hears them. Could it be... could be it that my small Alia met the Fox? The one who give her the four tails...
Neji: "But Alia doesn't know about.... Naruto, and the Fox... her birth.."
Hinata: "We didn't tell her, but if, in one way or another, she spoke with the Fox..."
Neji: "He could have told her..."
Then she knows... she knows that I'm not her father. I feel so alone now, like being abandoned. Hinata caresses my arms with her hands.
Hinata: "Neji. Trust your daughter."
--- Ext  POV
The chunins and the jounins have dispersed in the forest to search. This is serious, the Hyuga heiress have disappeared. She must be found at any costs, before somebody of other seize her. Among the Ninjas sent by the Hokage to search of the young girl, the more tense is undoubtedly Naruto. The anguish tears his belly, like a burn, the concern runs in his veins and makes his heart beats precipitately. His daughter disappeared. Irritated by Sasuke who tried to retain him and to calm him, Naruto ended up to leave him behind thanks to a brutal boost of speed.
After a few minutes of an unrestrained race in the trees, Naruto looks around him. Sasuke didn't catch up with him. Great. He jumps to the ground, changing his road. He acts by instinct. He seems to feel the presence of his daughter, to know where she is. According to this diffuse feeling, he threads between the bushes. The burn of concern is increasingly powerful, the pain darkening his judgement. He only thinks about finding her, of finding his daughter, her small Alia.
Behind, in the forest, Sasuke notes that he lost the track of his teammate and lover. Sasuke is supposed to seek the young girl , but now, it's rather Naruto who worries him. He wasn't in his normal state. Of course, Naruto is easy to be ignited, and especially about her daughter. But he was more furious than usually, his chakra literally spouting out by all the pores of his skin. A rustle of sheet make  the Uchiwa  turn over abruptly, but it's only Neji who has just caught up with him.
Neji: "Then?"
Sasuke: "I lost Naruto too. Something is happening, his chakra was more bubbling that usually."
Neji casts a glance quickly around, extending his glance as far as he can,  when a dark red spot draws his attention. A dark spot of massive chakra. Concentrating more his byakugan, he sees Naruto inside mass which resembles a quadruped more and more.
Neji: "I sees him."
Sasuke: "Which direction?"
Neji: "There. I'll catch up with him. Could you go back to the village to warn the  Kage and Hinata? "
Sasuke: "I come with you."
Neji: "You better warn Hinata that the Fox appears. I believe that she'll know what to do."
Sasuke: "You say me that the Fox appears, and you want that I go back to the village?!!"
Neji: "I'm the only one who can follow his chakra track, and the village must be ready to react if the situation turn bad.  I think that Hinata will need you there."
Sasuke tightens his fists and leaves,  running towards the village. He understands this fear now, this anguish in which Naruto lived. Fear of being given up, fear of seeing him to move away... It's now Sasuke's turn to live this fear, to see Naruto leaving alone whereas he stays  behind. It's with Sasuke's turn to rely on his companion, to believe and wait. until he returns.
A small form  between the roots of a tree, well  hidden. Naruto feels his heart to explodes with relief. She's here, Alia. He stops next to the tree and kneels to catch it. She seems to sleep peacefully and he tries to take her in his arms without waking it. But when he touches the small girl, he collapses, inert, his heart aspired in the common dream of Alia and Kyubi.
A little deafened, Naruto looks around him. The water on the ground, the cold and gray walls... an environment which he already saw, once, a few years ago. He advances in the corridor, and there, in a large room...
Naruto: "Alia!!!"
She seems so tiny in front of the thick bar and the gigantic silhouette of Kyubi, and yet he sees only her. She's concentrating in the recitation of a strange incantation, her two hands on the seal stuck to one of the bars of the cage. She doesn't hear the voice of  Naruto who runs towards her.

On the other hand, Kyubi have seen his presence. Stretching his chops in a mocker grin, he passes his long fingers between the bars of the cage to surround the small girl with his claws and prevent Naruto to reach her.
Kyubi: "Good girl, you're almost there. Soon, we'll finally join together."

Naruto's fists fall down with violence on the black  horn of the claws, but without result. In this world of dream, he hasn't any power, nor capacity. He can only see Alia by the slits between the claws and tries to call her: "Alia! Alia! Stop! This is dangerous!"
But she doesn't hear him, too concentrated on her jutsu... or perhaps she doesn't want to listen to him. The dark chakra of the young girl runs between her fingers like water, soaking more and more the seal which darkened and twists.
Naruto: "Alia!! Stop!! The Fox is a very dangerous demon!"
Alia twich.

With a single movement of finger, the Fox sends the young man to fall down in the water a little further.
Kyubi: "My small Yonbi, my very dear daughter, I'm the only one who told you the truth. I'm your only true father, the only one who will protect you from the Ninjas which want to lock up you, as they locked up me, the Fox."
Naruto: "It's a lie, He isn't your father, Alia! Believe me, nobody  want to lock up you... "
Kyubi: "If I am not her father, then why is she a girl-fox?"
With a feeling of frozen terror, Naruto  notices the four dark tails of the small girl which undulate at the bottom of her back. The kyuubi pushes more his advantage: "Human fears the Foxes, they lock up them. If ever they find my small Yonbi, she will be pursued, wounded, hated! You should know, you who knew hatred, you who were persecuted because I lived in you. And you want that a so adorable girl know this martyrdom?"
The trembling voice of Alia made the Kyubi conceal: "Father...I'm afraid."
Kyubi: "Don't worry, my dear small daughter. Your father is the most powerful of the Foxes, I'll be able to protect you from all the human who want to harm you."
Naruto: "But nobody want to harm you, Alia! We're all very anxious, everyone seek you, your dad, your mom... "
Alia: "He's not my Dad!!"
Naruto: "But your mom, do you think about your mom? And your Dad too, he loves you much. You would pain him if he hears that "
With a small voice, Alia answers: "They're liars."

But she seems less sure than before. Kyubi lets escape a deaf growl: "Don't listen to him, Yonbi, he tries to decontentrate you to  waste time. They're all  searching you, and if they catch you... you'll end up in a cage, for always!"
With an acute cry of terror, the small girl contracts her hands on the seal, shouting the litany of the signs with a trembling voice.

A metal tinkling, an acute squeaking.
Kyubi pushes the iron bars with all his power, his nine tails agitated like an ocean in storm, accompanying Alia by his deep voice. Suddenly, in a fragment of unreal silence, the seal breaks. A tsunami of red chakra breaks through the bars, carrying Naruto in the flow, submerging the gray room and corridors which formed the seal, before spouting out a geyser by the red spiral on Naruto's body and spreading around with a wild cry.
Kyubi is returned in this world.
The bodies of Naruto and Alia disappeared. In the place, a large russet-red fox and a small indigo vixen make their tails Naruto while they howls. The Fox and his  daughter, one and the other just released of their seal.  Hardly ten meter behind, Neji falls to his knees. He arrived too late.

Chapter 34: Movements towards the Foxes

The howls of Kyubi are enough to start a panic among the inhabitants of the village, ninja and civil, and the Hokage pains to gather her troops  and organize the attack... and above all, she can't decide what to do.

Hinata, more or less, understood what had happened, and that the second Fox is her little Alia. What Hinata fears more now isn't the Fox, but that the other Ninjas attack her daughter. Hinata has faith in her child, she won't harm the people of the village, at least as long she won't feel threatened. But the frightened Ninjas are unaware of this fact and they'll be difficult to reassure. The concern gives some wings to Hinata and she run to the main place.  She tries to pass through the crowd of panicked shinobis who are shouting in front of the Hokage. The compact mass of the people  is unfortunately unbreakable for the young mother. They too, they have their anguishes and their fears, they also require orders of the Hokage.

But Hinata isn't in a position to be patient. She must intervene before the Hokage launches the attack. Quickly, she turns on her points of feet, carrying a liquid mass of chakra in her movement. It's Neji who had helped her to master this technique. The ball of twirling chakra spread and make fly the crowd, clearing the access to Hokage. The surprise imposes the silence on the place, and Hinata shouts: "Hokage-sama! The second Fox should not be attacked! "

Hokage turns toward the young woman: "Hinata, is she really....?"
Hinata: "Yes. I have an idea, but we must find Naruto first and... "
The others shinobis don't all share her opinion:
" find him and finish with him, once of all!!!"
"the survival of the village is concerned..."
"This dirty Fox  child... because of him."

Hinata shakes, thinking about Alia and Naruto. But before she has the time to answer, a black shade falls down in front of the chunin who has just spoken, and punch him direct in the face.
Sasuke: "Never speak bad about Naruto."
Then, he turns in front of the Hokage to defer the situation: "Neji is already after Naruto, I know where they're. But it seems that Hinata can do something."
The thought of Neji fighting the Fox freezes Hinata. Her heart starts to beat  wildly while all her members start to tremble.
Hinata: "Neji is over there...?"

A new howl makes vibrate the atmosphere, and, far away, the Ninjas can see Kyubi who turns towards them his russet-red head, showing his hooks. He will make them pay. He will make them pay these years locked up in this wet and black cage. He will make them pay to have stand up against him, Kyubi, one of the most powerful demon of this Earth. To calm his rage, simply stripe the village of the world won't be enough. He'll kill all the human on his road, until there remains none of these poor wretches insects crawling on the surface, and who dared to raise their weapons against him! When all is finished, the whole world will be his territory, his and his daughter's!

The hokage takes again the initiative quickly: "All Chuunins and Jounins, prepare to defend the village! Post on cliffs to take hom from top! Our only target is the Russet-red Fox! The genins, help evacuate the civil towards the forest of the other side! Go!"

The Ninjas disperse in a wink, leaving in the place only the Hokage, Sasuke and Hinata. The powerful voice of Hokage made Hinata calm. She tries reassure  by thinking that Neji is very close to Alia, at least.
Hinata: " Hokage, I'll join Naruto and Neji, I'll try to seal again the Fox. If there remain pieces of the old seal, I can do it."
Hokage: "I trust you, Hinata. As long as Alia isn't a threat, we'll concentrate only on Kyubi. We'll save time, do quickly."
Hinata: "Sasuke, guides me. Bring me where are Naruto, Neji... and my daughter."

In the forest, Neji just sees above him the indigo head of the small Vixen rising towards the russet-red head of the large Fox. She groans, Neji sees that she's afraid, as he would like to take her in his arms, to speak gently to her... but she doesn't see him. She's out of his reach. Kyubi stops his howls and rubs his muzzle against the one of her daughter, to reassure her. The heart of Neji tightens more. This is what he fears the most.... that she forgets him.

".... ji ... Neji... "
The young Hyuga starts, and turns his attention on the ground around him. It's Naruto's voice. He's here! He leans against a tree, and tries to advance, but stumbles and fall to his knees.
Neji: "Naruto, how are you?"
Naruto: "I'm fine... I feel only..... empty,  tired. Alia... The kyubi... "
Briefly, Naruto tells Neji what happened in the seal room. He's as down as Neji. But they hardly have the time to cry on themselves. A hairy leg lands on the ground right next them and makes them jump at cover. But the Fox didn't feel their presence. It's the Vixen's leg, Alia's leg, which has just tries to move.
Neji whispers to Naruto: "I'll try to go up on her head. I'll speak to her. Naruto wait here for Hinata."
Naruto agree. But before Neji rise, Naruto hold him by the arm: "Neji... Alia, she's your daughter. She's my daughter, isn't it...?"
Neji: "Yes"

Chaptitre 35: Discussions of fathers with their daughter

*Yes, She's our daughter. She's not Fox's daughter. * Clinging to this thought to comfort himself, Neji approaches carefully the purple leg which rises and fall, as if Alia doesn't know where she can put her legs without destroying something. Here, she'll stop here! Neji runs on the legs of his "little" Alia, quickly reaching the shoulder, then the neck. The large purple head turns over, and stops when she recognizes the one who's calling her.
Neji: "Alia! It's me! It's Dad!"

The large white eyes shine in the purple fur, saying her fear. Alia is lost, she doesn't understand anymore what's happening. She doesn't even dare  to move anymore, because of the fear of crushing something.
Why all became so small?
Why did Dad even become so small?
I want to go in Dad's arms !

The sad groaning of Alia makes the Kyubi turn toward her,    preventing him to attack the village. When he sees Neji on the neck of his daughter, he howls with rage: "Moves away from my daughter!! Filthy insect! "
This human had well taken care on Alia during the previous years, but now that she's a Vixen, he can only be a threat for her. All the human hate and fear the Foxes. All Shinobis want to track them and kill them.

Forgetting about Konoha, Kyubi approaches slowly his daughter, watching for the small shinobi  on his neck... too close to the head. It's dangerous. The little vixen is vulnerable.The Fox is ready to leap and tear off this parasitewith a singleblow of tooth if he sees only one suspect move . Neji too keeps a close eyes on the Fox, ready to dodge the attack.
Neji: "Alia, do you hear me? Answer me.... "
The acute voice of the girl ends up leaving the thick throat: "Dad... Dad.... I'm afraid... what happens to me?"
The Fox thunders: "He's not your father, Yonbi! I am your father! And as the beloved girl of the Fox, you're also a noble and majestic Fox. You frees yourself from your poor human envelope "
Alia: "I'm a Fox... really? I'm not anymore a little girl? "
Neji: "You're not a Fox, Alia!"

To hide in a zone where two gigantic foxes are moving, breaking the trees with the tiniest movement of tail and the rock under their weight isn't easy even for Shinobis. However, two of them are trying to progress in the zone, to join a third Shinobi, obviously exhausted. Sasuke is the firstto reach Naruto, followed by Hinata.
Sasuke: "Still alive?"
It's his manner of worrying.
Naruto: "Don't worry, it's not a small Fox which can have me!"
The tense face of Hinata leans toward the young man.
Hinata " Naruto, what happens? How is the seal, Is it broken? Could I look at the seal?"

Naruto removes his jacket and shirt to show her and explains: "Alia used an odd jutsu which had weaken the seal. It  ends up yielding under the pressure of the Fox."
Hinata looks on Naruto's belly. The old signs are deformed but they aren't completely gone.
Sasuke: "She made this justu when you found Alia ...? However, I saw Kyubi's power pouring out  before... "
Naruto: "No, it's not that. Alia was already in the seal  room  before I found here... "
Hinata: "the seal room?"
Naruto: "You remember, I had told you. Once,a long time ago, I had seen the Fox directly, and I had spoken to him.  Well, when I touched Alia, I ended there. Then she broke the seal on the bars, and the Fox flied away."
Hinata: "Then.. only this part of the seal is broken ... there's still a chance."
Naruto: "What do you mean?"
Hinata: "Alia haven't completely destroy the seal, she had just damaged the Key. The cage isn't broken... better, the bond isn't broken. The Fox is always connected to Naruto. And with me. We'll reconstitute the seal, and introducing a small modification. The most difficult will be to weaken Kyubi enough to force him to go back inside the seal."
Hinata takes in her malette all her tools. With a fine brush and a needle, she leans on the belly of Naruto. Normal eyes would see only red lines, but Hinata can see the fine characters impregnated with chakra, reduced in scattered lines. She knows enough the seal, she's able to assemble the pieces again.

The large head of Kyubi is now very close to Alia's neck. Neji must hide under the ear of his daughter, but she continues to follow him with her glance. She's undecided, hesitant. Neji continues to speak to her.
Neji: "It's true... I'm not your true father, Alia. But I love you, I love you like my daughter. You're my only and single daughter. Mom and me, we didn't want to say you the truth immediately... We thought that you're too young. "
Alia: "Dad... Alia did a bad thing.... No?"
Neji: "... Yes, it was a bad thing, to free the Fox. Alia, he's dangerous "
Alia: "Then... I'll be punished?  I don't want to go in the cage. I don't want... "
Neji: "Alia, you're a little girl, a nice little girl. We don't lock up the girl inside a seal.  The Fox was locked up because he was really malicious. He ate lots of people, he crushed lots of houses and burned lots of villages. "
Fox: "Who care abour these miserables human!?"
Absorbed in the discussion with his daughter, Neji underestimated the distance which separated him from Kyubi. Just in time, he notices a movement and leaps of the neck of the small Vixen. The russet-red leg misses him , he avoided it, but now he moved away from his daughter... and he falls straight to the ground.
Alia: "DAD!!!!"

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