Age 27 ans
sexe feminin
Nationalité karaya
type:Support character
profession: barman, sert à changer les membres de son équipe au chateau du flame champion et à la caverne des lézards avec Hugo.
etoile Chisou (astre terrestre de robustesse)

recrutement: automatique
théatre:sheís a mediocre actress with no big failure or sucesses.
bains: aila,anne,lucia
Skill: Healing D,  Cook D

commentaire: A Karaya Village tavern owner. All her efforts were wasted when her tavern burned down on opening day.

fin: Achieves dream of owning a shop in Karaya Village, but dislikes he rude and crude clientele.

enquete :
P. She is the pub owner. She's popular among drinkers.
1. On the day she opened her pub, it caught fire and burnt down.
2. She is a hard drinker. She said she's going to compete with the people of the Castle next time.
3. She had a drinking game with Joker, Leo, and Wan Fu...and she won! What is her stomach made of?

1) How are you?
I'm getting used to life at the castle. There are regular customers at the tavern, and everything is fine.
2) Few brands
When I have more money, I'd like to increase the number of drink brands.
3) Hi
There are many nice customers at this castle. It's great that it's fun working.
4) Fine
There are many people coming to this castle. It's quite lively. The shop is busy.
5) Karaya village
I worry about Karaya Village often. I wonder if people have come back.

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