Age 32 ans
sexe feminin
type: support character
etoile Chifuku (astre terrestre de soumission)
histoire: Ancienne élève du célèbre Stratège Mathiu. Elle a participé aux guerre d'Unification de Tonan et de Dunan avant d'abandonner la stratégie et de se tourner vers l'étude de l'Histoire. Elle voyage dans les Grasslands avec Caesar pour faire des recherches sur les peuples et l'histoire de Grasslands.

recrutement: automatique

commentaire: She travels with Caesar. Participated in the Toran Liberation and Dunan Unification Wars. She has become a prominent historian.

fin: When the biography of her teacher is done and Caesar is gone, she opens a school in her hometown.

P. She is following in the footsteps of the reknowned strategist, Mathiu Silverberg. She's writing a book about him.
1. She used to be a strategist, but now she is making way for new blood.
2. She was one of Mathiu Silverberg's students. She took part in both the Toran Liberation War and the Dunan Unification War.
3. She used to be married, but her husband had an affair and now she's divorced.

1) Nice to meet you
Caesar is still a child. He might be a nuisance, but please take care of him. If there's a problem please tell me.
2) Lovely Music
I listened to Nei and her friends playing. What fun! successor, please listen too. It'll soothe your tired mind.
3) Surprised
I was surprised to find Jeane here. Her skill as a rune sage is first-rate.
4) Power of the pen
You can't overcome this war just by getting stronger. Better go see Ernie sometime.
5) A friend
I was surprised to meet Futch here. He will be a great help to you

théatre: her calm and composed acting  style is not so bad.

skill pour les batailles strategique: tacticsII, control V
role dans les batailles strategiques: support

skill: Potch finder D

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