Age 15 ans
sexe masculin
type: support character
profession:journaliste. Il tient la gazette du chateau au 1er etage.
etoile Chiyou (astre terrestre de malemort)

On le trouve dans le refectoire de Brass castle  (avec chris pas avant le chap4).
Si on a Hugo ou Chris: on lui montre ou est le passage secret et on le suit dedans jusqu'à la sortie.
Si on a Geddoe ou thomas: on l'aide dans son enquète. On examine la cheminée de la cuisine, on entre dans le passage et on le suit jusqu'à la sortie.

Pursuing the existence of a reporter, he regularly posts public news bulletins covering everything from hard news to gossip.

fin: Spends his time running around looking for headlines

P. He collects news every day to write important stories. I don't believe in newspapers.
1. Detectives and reporters are essentially enemies, so I don't want to investigate him. He wears glasses because he has bad eyesight.
2. It's not good to make money writing about people's private lives.
3. Newspapers change so regularly that if you don't keep up, you'll lose track of the serial novels. You can always skip them

1) Did you see it?
I posted the news bulletin! We'll renew it regurarly, so remember to read it!
2) Juan's Request
Juan said to increase gossip items. Yes, I know gossip is part of a newspaper but it's problematic...
3) Articles
There is more news as people gather at this castle. I hope more people come.
4) Serial novel
There are many inquiries and criticism about the author of the serial novel, but I'm just running stories that are sent to us. I don't know the author, sorry.
5) History
My job will be something very important in my life. I hope I create a record of our times.

théatre: a serious actor. No particular weak points,

skill: treasure hunter E, appraisal B

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