Augustine Nabor

Age 34 ans
sexe ???  je ne plaisante pas, mais dans mon bouquin...ils ne savent pas si c'est un homme ou une femme..ils mettent un point d'interrogation...
Nationalité: Narcissiste!!!!!!
type: guerrier attaque (knight)
profession:  LE narcissiste de suikoden III. Un suikoden n'est pas un suikoden sans son narcissiste.
etoile Chichin (astre terrestre díoppression)

allez lui parler au port de Vine del zexay... il a encore perdu la fameuse "broche de roses" et il va falloir la retrouver. elle est à Iksay, au magasin d'item...Franchement, ils pourraient faire attention à leur affaires, ces narcissistes!

commentaire: An aristocrat of unknown sex, with a stunning attack to which all surviving enemies will attest.

fin: Hears rumor of a beautiful palace in Toran and sets off to find it.

P. He loves elegant and beautiful things. His swordsmanship is gorgeous and artistic.
1. Once he starts cutting his split ends, he can't stop himself. I guess he's taking care of details.
2. Six years ago, he won a male beauty contest hosted by some guy named Vincent. The prize was the rose brooch he wears on his chest.
3. His note read, "Hopeful friends: Salome, Hortez VII, Mike, and Gordon. Future hope: Louis." What does that mean?

1) Splendid History
Why don't you learn my artistic handicraft? The war would be more gallant.
2) White roses
I bought beautiful roses from a traveler. Would you like one for your room?
3) Afternoon tea?
Next time, would you share afternoon tea with me in the garden?
4) Splendid skill
Kenji is quite skilled; I was impressed. I noticed such an artistic expression. I must pursue it, too.
5) Refinement
Why don't we pursue refined skills? Even if we are enemies, there are skills that may carry us away with their beauty. Let's refine ourselves.

théatre: everything is overacted. His narrating is the worst.


niveau de départ héros+3
skill point 600
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 3
ditance d'action 25m
skill pour les batailles strategique  tacticsI
role dans les batailles strategiques: membre

Emplacement de runes
tete non
main droite red rose
main gauche niv44

arme épée
nom nov 1-5 Margrit, niv 6-11 Manyola, niv 12-16 Orchide
(vous avez reconnue trois fleurs, je pense: Marguerite, Magnolia et orchidée)
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing B
accuracy B+ 1C
damage B 1D
repel B+ 1D
parry S 1C
armor protect B+
holy dash B
skill niv max du skill
fire magic B+
water magic B
wind magic B+
earth magic B+
lightning magic B+
sword magic B+
magic resist B+

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