Age: 23 ans
sexe masculin
Nationalité Iksay
type: support character
profession: fermier.Donnez lui vos graines, ça fera de la place dans l'entrepot et vous pourrez recolter des medecines... 
etoile Chitou (astre terrestre de fermeture)

recrutement: Vous pourrez recruter ce fermier de Iksay, abattu par la destruction de ses beaux champs de blè, après l'attaque du village d'Iksay. Il vous réclamera des Grapes. Elles sont à vendre dans le magasin de commerce de Vine del zexay ou chisha.

commentaire: A young man who dearly loves to farm. Down-to-earth, but misunderstood often by his looks.

fin: Returns to Iksay Village and continues tilling the fields.

P. He loves farming. He's misunderstood because of his appearance, but he's simple and honest.
1. He put his whole life into growing delicious tomatoes. He starts work before dawn and works until sunset. That's just great.
2. He's an early riser. He doesn't take any holidays, but he rests when it rains heavily. He's a diligent worker.
3. He squinted his eyes, looked at the tomatoes, and then he started talking to them! That's strange.

1) Hi
Hey, this field is getting nice, Successor.When you feel like it, come and see me. I'll cook something good to eat.
2) Hi
Many people visit this castle. I never get tired. Tell them that if they want to eat delicious tomatoes, come and see me.
3) Hi
I'm giving ingredients to the restaurant. That girl is a good cook. My tomatoes must be happy to be cooked so well.
4) Hi
There is a girl who comes to my field with a doll. I gave her a tomato and she said, 'I'll treasure it all my life.' She should eat it quickly or it'll go bad.
5) Hi
A white dog with a pink basket is following me. Does it want a tomato?

his acting is so-so, but not many look as good as he does on stage.

skill: discount C, bains C

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