Age 29 ans
sexe masculin
Nationalité Lezards
type: guerrier berserker (slasher)
etoile Tenritsu (astre céleste de fermeté)

recrutement: le recrutement de ce Lézard considéré par les siens comme un modèle de beauté est automatique.
Mais où sont les femelles lézards? je voudrais avoir leur avis... Si vous en trouvez une, posez lui la question.

commentaire: As a member of the Lizard Clan, he assists Dupa, along with Shiba. He has very high fighting capabilities despite his physical stature.

fin: Maintains his position and never lets his guard down.

P. A gallant warrior in the Lizard Clan. He assists Chief Dupa with Shiba.
1. The three members of the Lizard Clan seem to fight better when they are together in battle.
2. He is really popular with his fan club. I wonder it the scales?
3. He is very good at swimming. He came in first at the Lizard Clan Swim Meet. He moves his tail very well.

1) Greetings
I'm Bazba, of the Lizard Clan. I'm an assistant of Chief Dupa. I'll show thepower of our clan.
2) Elevator
Members of the clan say the want an elevator. They want to see whether the clan can use it.
3) Men and women
Some people asked me how to tell men from women among the Lizard Clan. Can't you tell by a glance?
4) Going walking
I was going to take Koroku for a walk, but, seeing my face, he ran away. Rude dog.
5) Acting talent
People at the theater said I have acting talent. There are humans who have an eye for this.

théatre: one of the handsome actors in the lizard clan. female lizards scream for him.
-bazba,sergent joe,ruby

niveau de départ 44
skill point 1100
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 5
ditance d'action 20m
skill pour les batailles strategique surprise
role dans les batailles strategiques: membre

Emplacement de runes
tete non
main droite cyclone
main gauche niv 57

arme hallebarde
nom niv 1-5 Anura Yu, niv 6-11 Anura Naha, niv 12-16 U Alma Naha

attaque groupée avec Shiba et Dupa, Avec le Sgt Joe et Rubi
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing B
accuracy A 1A
damage B+
freeze B+ 1C
repel B 1C
armor protect B+
holy dash B

skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
fire magic B
water magic B+
wind magic B 1C
earth magic B+
lightning magic B
sword magic B+
magic resist B


Très à l'aise dans le cimetiere du chateau.

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