Age 42 ans
sexe masculin
Nationalité karaya
type:guerrier defense (slasher)
etoile Chijiku (astre terrestre de direction)

histoire: c'est un ancien de suikoden II.
Et voici la preuve.Quand on attaque Muse dans suikoden 2 et que l'armee highland se retire, on a le diaogue suivant:
karaya: Commandant! L'armee royale se retire!
Lucia: Je sais! il suffit que nous gagnions un peu de temps
karaya: Avant je ne voyais en vous qu'un joli visage. Maintenant je vois que vous avez la force de votre père. je vous suivrait partout.
Lucia: Ecoutez-moi! vous n'avez pas le droit de mourir! pour l'avenir de Karaya!

Quand Lucia doit battre en retraite,  le dialogue se poursuit.
Karaya:Lucia! Nous allons nous en occupez! vous devez fuir!
Lucia: Je suis desolee, Beechum.

recrutement: automatique

théatre: his speciality is playing a warrior, but heís no hero.
bains: Beechum,nicolas,shiba

An old soldier who assists the Karaya Chief, Lucia. He possesses superior fighting capabilities despite his age.

fin: Asked by Lucia to stay on as Chief Hugo's Lieutenant. As hot-blooded as ever!

P. A warrior who protects Chief Lucia. People have faith in him.
1. He is always reserved and he practices in hidden places. I find that quite cool.
2. His hobby is bonsai. He took it up during the Dunan Unification War 15 years ago. He has been devoted to the art ever since.
3. He got the scar on his face when he saved Lucia. It's a mark of honor.

si Geddoe/Chris est le Flame Champion
1) Greetings
I'm Beecham, the assistant of the Karaya Clan Chief, Lucia. I'm old, but have seen service. Successor, I'll always standby.
2) Feelings
If I give priority to individual feelings, I can't forgive the Zexen Knights. After the war, I'll fight against them. I have to.
3) For recovery
The only home to the Karayans is the meadows of Grassland. The recovery of the clan is my strong wish.
4) Prosperity
The castle is getting settled. The prosperity of the castle means the prosperity of Grassland. It's worth the work.
5) To everybody
The people of Karaya do not fear war. Let's fight powerfully and bravely for all the people of Grassland.

si Hugo est le Flame Champion
1) To Hugo
I'm glad you are safe and sound. After Karaya Village was burned and its people attacked, Chief Lucia is unstable.
2) Your help
I'm surprised that you are a leader at your age. There must be times when you feel crushed. Tell me when you need help.
3) About fighting
Sword fighting isn't the only way to fight. We must listen to the voices of people that are fighting outside the battlefield.
4) About Grassland
This castle is nice, but I miss the meadows of Grassland. Let's fight with all our might so we can return together.
5) To be a leader
A leader must rally a group and keep them strong. If not, people will feel anxious. Remember that.

niveau de départ 42
skill point 1300
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 7
ditance d'action 20m
skill pour les batailles strategique valor I
role dans les batailles strategiques: support

Emplacement de runes
tete non
main droite eau
main gauche (niv45)

arme épée
nom niv 1-5 Sulaga, niv6-11Sulagan, niv 12-16 Khion Sulagan
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill 
si automatique
Swing B 1 C
accuracy B+ 1 C
damage B 1 D
continual attaque B+ 1 C
repel B+ 1 C
armor protect B
holy dash B+

skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill 
si automatiquE
fire magic B
water magic B+ 1 B
wind magic B
earth magic B
lightning magic B
sword magic B
magic resist B+

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