Age 13 ans
sexe Feminin
type: guerriere attaque (slasher)
etoile Chikei (astre terrestre de prise)

histoire: c'est la fille de Meg.

recrutement: Parler à Belle qui tape sur un baril dans la section droite du chateau de Brass. Elle nous demande alors de retrouver une vis...un lapin de la plaine Amur vous la donnera .... avec un peu de chance.  Une fois la vis retrouvée, proposez lui de venir au chateau.

A young lady who travels with a clockwork doll called Gadget Z, which she is skilled at repairing.

fin: Sets off on a journey with Gadget Z in order to become a great Gadget Master.

P. She's a Gadget Master. She's made dozens of gadgets, but none of them work.
1. She can make Gadget Z say anything she likes by adjusting his mental circuit. She has acquired some unusual techniques.
2. She talks to Viki and Mel sometimes. They're beautiful when they're silent...
3. She is trying to find her runaway mother. Poor girl.

si Chris/Geddoe est le flame champion
1) Pay for repairs
Gadget Z was destroyed again, and I need money to repair it. Could you pay for me? I don't have money now.
2) Request for food
At that restaurant they don't serve cutlet bowls. Could you ask them to serve more food?.
3) I'd like to go to a party with Hugo. I don't like parties that Joker attends.His breath reeks of alcohol.
4) I was with Mel in a bath, and she had a doll with her. Funny girl.
5) That girl Aila was talking friendly with Hugo. Maybe it's just because they're from the same village.

si Hugo est le flame champion
1) Lovely castle
This castle is lovely. When I read poems by the lakeside, I almost forget there's a war going on.outside.
2) Alpine meadows
I found a pretty alpine meadow. Let's go together next time.
3) Dreams
I'm writing this at night. I might see him in my dreams again. I won't tell who...
4) Present
I'm knitting a sweater. I won't say for whom. I won't make Gadget Z do the work, so don't worry.
5) Forgive me
Gadget Z blew up and it ruined my sweater. Sorry.

théatre: tough girl. Potentially a versatile actress. Thatís her avantage.
bains: Mel,Belle

niveau de départ = heros-2
skill point 550
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 6
ditance d'action 25 m

arme: un marteau
nom niv 1-5 Dengeki Hammer, niv6-11 Eleki Hammer, niv12-16 Thunder Hammer

Emplacement de runes
tete non
main droite niv 37
main gauche comète

attaque groupée
- avec gadget
- avec Viki et Mel.
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill 
si automatique
Swing B+ 1 D
accuracy B+ 1 C
damage B
repel B+ 1 C
armor protect B
holy dash B+
skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill 
si automatiqu
fire magic A 1 C
water magic B
wind magic B
earth magic A
lightning magic B
shield magic B+ 35 E
sword magic B
magic resist B+

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