Age 36 ans
sexe masculin
type: support character (tradincook)
profession:chasseur de trésor
etoile Chisyu (astre terrestre de laideur)

histoire: c'est le père de Melville et un chasseur de trésor malchanceux.

recrutement: Il faut prendre une statue S dans un des coffres gardé par un boss, l'exposer dans le chateau, sortir et revenir, puis le battre à un jeu de carte.

théatre: his over acting makes people uneasy

commentaire: A treasure hunter who cannot seem to earn money. He gambles instead.

fin: Melville gets hold of him and takes him back to Vinay Del Zexay.

enquete :
P. He's a treasure hunter. He travels all around the world. I don't know about his past.
1. Long ago, he met a treasure hunter. It left quite an impression on him. He repeatedly says, "I'm going to hit treasure!!" Is he okay?
2. He used to have a big house in Zexen, but he gambled it away. He is reckless.
3. When he lost his house, his wife left him and young Melville. Times were tough for them, so Elliot's mother rented him a cheap room. He and Elliot have been friends ever since.

1) Let me know
Give me some information about treasure! Lately, I only earn by gambling.
2) Is all the treasure in this world already dug up?
3) Ardent zeal
I'm looking for a bloodcurdling adventure. If I keep waiting, I'll be too old.
4) There are pretty girls at this castle. It's a good thing. It sure makes you feel young.
5) Regards
Please take care of Melville. He's more like his mother. Take good care of him.

bains: billy,melville

skill: Cook D, Trade in D

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