Caesar Silverburg

Age 17 ans
sexe masculin
type: support character
etoile Tenki (astre céleste de machination)
recutement automatique

histoire: Petit-fils de Leon Silverburg et frère cadet d'Albert, il voyage en compagnie d'Apple.

commentaire: A young man who travels with Apple. He looks sleepy but is a reliable strategist.

fin: Painfully aware of Albert's superior talent, he sets off on a voyage to see the world.

P. He is one of the Silverbergs that always appear at historical turning points. He smiles a lot but he is a clever tactician.
1. He is a reliable strategist, but hardly thinks about other things. When he has nothing to do, he sleeps.
2. When he has time, he takes naps with Juan. They're always sleepy. Is that why they get along?
3. The Silverbergs are a family of strategists. They participated in the Toran Liberation War and the Dunan Unification War. And this will be a big war, too.

théatre: he is able to perfom satisfactorily, but he doesn't have the desir.

1) Hey...
Serious, huh? But how many people are going to write something useful?
2) Foul-mouthed?
Apple scolds me a lot, but do I have such a nasty tongue? I'm just trying to be honest.
3) I rather like this castle, but is it proper for a butler to run an inn? Or for a careless Kobold to be a warehouse keeper?
4) A dog with a green basket was gatekeeper with Cecile. Is it right for the entrance of the castle to be like that?
5) Cecile and five basket dogs were gatekeepers. Won't people laugh?

skill pour les batailles strategique control VII, tactics III
role dans les batailles strategiques: support
skill: tutor E

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