Age 13 ans
sexe féminin
Nationalité Budehuc
type: Guerrière attaque (guard)
profession: garde la porte du chateau et assure la sécurité
etoile Tentai (astre céleste de retraite)

histoire: cette courageuse jeune fille a repris depuis la mort de son père la mission de protéger son cher Chateau. C'est la chef de la garde....... et l'unique garde jusqu'à l'arrivée de Koroku et ses amis.
recrutement: automatique

commentaire: The high-spirited commander of the guards at Lake Castle.

fin: As Captain of the Guard, she and her three subordinates (including Thomas) keep the peace in Budehuc Castle.

P. She is a beautiful girl who is the Castle gatekeeper. She's surprisingly strong.
1. She likes armor. She is proud of the fact that she doesn't take it off, even on hot days.
2. She's known to be a good cook. I hope she invites me some time.
3. She likes hot food. Thomas fainted when he ate Cecile's food.

1) Hi!! It's a fine day today. It's great to work on a day like this!!!
2) Hi!! It rained the other day! I don't like being a gatekeeper in the rain, but I'll try hard for the castle!
3) Hi! It's been cloudy lately. I don't like cloudy days!
4) Koroku
Koroku is with me when I'm a gatekeeper! He doesn't bark when people approach, so he's useless!
5) With dogs
I'm a gatekeeper with Koroku, Koichi, Connie, Kosanji and Kogoro! They don't bark, though, so they're useless!

théatre: Good in all sorts of role, excpect for tragic ones.
bains: Cecile, Chris

niveau de départ 1
skill point 15
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 3
ditance d'action 20m
skill pour les batailles strategique non
role dans les batailles strategiques membre

Emplacement de runes
tete non
main droite war horse
main gauche non

arme lance
nom niv 1-5 Guard Spear, niv 6-11 Guardian, niv 12-16 Angel Guard

attaque groupée avec Thomas
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing B
accuracy B 1E
damage A+ 1E
repel B+
shield protect A+ 1D
armor protect B+ 1E
holy dash A+
fighting spirit B+ 29E
skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
fire magic C
water magic B
wind magic C
earth magic B
lightning magic C
sword magic B
magic resist B

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