Age 29 ans
sexe masculin
Nationalité harmonia
type: support character.
profession: officier de l'armée harmonienne et assistant de Sasarai
etoile Tenkou (astre céleste díhabileté)
recrutement: Automatique
skill: discount C

commentaire: The Chief of Staff of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's regular army. He leads the army and supports Bishop Sasarai.

fin :Sasarai's Chief of Staff. Supports him publicly and behind the scenes.

enquete: P. He's a subordinate of Sasarai, Bishop of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. He has a reputation for being skilled but having bad luck.
1. He was delighted when I told him his sideburns were manly. He's proud of them.
2. He's bright but he has no social skills. Sasarai knows that and appreciates his ability.
3. Three years ago, he saw action in the war when Harmonia fought for the restoration of land in Highland. He drew a short straw, but Sasarai noticed that.

1) Nice to meet you
I'm Dios. I work with Sasarai. I won't deceive you, so trust me.
2) A little big
Does Fubar ever bite you? He's quite gentle, isn't he? I'd like to pet him, for the memory.
3) Not my business?
We should relax. Maybe I should mind my own business, because I'm always relaxing!
4) Long baths
Yesterday, when I was going to take a bath, Leo and Wan Fu were trying to see who could take a bath longer. I didn't want to get involved.
5) Jefferson suddenly said,'big nose prize!' What does that mean? Big nose?

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