Age 35 ans
sexe masculin
type: support character
profession :Bibliotéquaire. Donnez-lui les vieux bouquins
etoile Chisui (astre terrestre de progrès) 

théatre: watching him act, one somehow feels irritated.
bains: eike,Juan 

recrutement: ce mysterieux bibliotéquaire est fourni avec le chateau à Thomas.

commentaire :The gloomy librarian of Lake Castle.
fin: Heads the Silent Reading Society. Sometimes holds meetings in a deep basement of the castle.

enquete: P. He is the Castle librarian. He has extremely strange looks and personality.
1. He sleeps with his eyes half-open.
2. He doesn't turn when he sleeps.
3. He talks in his sleep in a language that doesn't exist.

skill: Appraisal C

1) Dear successor
I hope you are well. Thank you for your consideration. I apologize for my presumption, but the reason why I am writing...
2) Dear Successor
It's raining everyday, but I hope you are well. The other day I ran out of paper. I'm sure you were puzzled. I am terribly sorry...
3) Dear Successor
I hope you are well this wonderful season. I ran out of paper again, and I couldn't write you. Now, about this castle...
4) Dear Successor
I noticed that I always run out of paper. This time I won't, and I'm sure I can make a suggestion. Now, about the allocation of people...
5) Dear Successor
I'll get to the point. There seems to be a problem about the allocation of personnel at this castle, but after writing so many times I forgot what I wanted to say.

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