Age 16 ans
sexe féminin
type: guerrière attaque (knight)
etoile Chiaku (astre terrestre de mechancete)
histoire: La fille de Ronnie bell et d'un forgeron, Mose, du I. on reconnait dans la fille la douceur et  la feminité de la mère -_-
recrutement: Allez lui parler dans les sous-solde Chisha village; Si la force cumulée des personnes du groupe dépasse un certain seuil, vous la battrez au bras de fer... essayez avec Hugo, Sgt Joe, Haleck et Mua... et autres gros bras, ça marche bien.

commentaire: A powerful girl who joined up so that she may find people stronger than her in her journeys.

fin: Becomes the Second Master at Juan's dojo. Never neglects her own daily training regimen.

enquete: P. She is a Herculean fighter with a great amount of energy.
1. I saw her training with Juan. Fighters get along well with one another.
2. Her parents participated in the liberation war 18 years ago. Her father was a blacksmith.
3. She likes to study cooking. I watched her practice how to break eggs, but she almost crushes them in her hands.

1) What's up?
Hi, what's up? I'm fine, of course. When you have time, let's arm wrestle. See you.
2) What's up?
Hi. What's up? I wrote again. I must be a good correspondent. Nothing in particular, though. Ha,ha,ha.
3) What's up?
Lately I've been good friends with Cecile. We've been training together. Successor, why don't you practice with us?
4) With Koroku
I've been jogging with Koroku early in the morning. He gets tired, so I carry him on my back. Good exercise. Successor, how about jogging together?
5) There are many strong people at this castle, and it's really fun. Many people are stronger than me. Yeah, I'm glad I came

théatre: energetic. More suitable for male roles than for female ones.
-emily,shabon (si guillaume deja recruté)

niveau de départ 36
skill point 700
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 4
ditance d'action 30m
role dans les batailles strategiques: membre

Emplacement de runes
tete non
main droite niv25
main gauche haziness niv1

arme griffes
nom niv1-5 Crow niv6-11Tiger Crow niv12-16 Dragon Crow

attaque groupée avec Joan, avec Sanae et Sharon
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing S 1D
accuracy B+
damage B
heavydamage B+ 1C
repel A 1B
armor protect C
holy dash C

skill niv max du skill
fire magic B
water magic C
wind magic C
earth magic B
lightning magic C
sword magic B
magic resist B

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