Age 15 ans
sexe ???
type: guerrier attaque (slasher)
etoile Tenku (astre céleste de vacuité)
histoire: Griffon ami de Hugo
recrutement: automatique

commentaire: Hugo's griffon comrade. Highly intelligent and even seems to understand spoken languages.

fin: Ends up living in Karaya Village with Hugo. They get along just fine.

enquete: P. It's a wise griffon. There are rumors that he understands human language.
1. He and Hallec were shouting at one another. I thought they were fighting, but they seemed to really hit it off.
2. Those feathers are fluffy and nice to touch. He seemed comfortable and I scratched him as a way of saying thanks for letting me pet him.
3. Height: 222 cm
Birthplace: Karaya Village
Skills: Running and flying
Favorite Food: Meat
Weak Point: Beak

Lettres: (si le flame champion est Chris ou Geddoe)
1) Brushing
It's great brushing after a bath.
Letter writer:Sergeant Joe
2) Threat
Ruby and I tried to make ourselves look big, but mantors are quite threatening.
Letter writer: Sergeant Joe
3) Request of menus
I'd like to eat curry with horse meat in it.
Letter writer: Sergeant Joe
4) From Fubar
Take care of Hugo.Letter writer: Sergeant Joe
5) From Fubar
Sorry, but I can only take on Hugo.
Letter writer:Sergeant Joe

(si le flame champion est Hugo)
1) With you
Even though you've become a hero, call me and I'll be with you.
Letter writer: Sergeant Joe
2) Come on!
Lately, kids like me. It's okay to touch me, but I don't like them babbling away...
Letter writer: Sergeant Joe

theatre: heís an animal so he canít talk. he plays the part of a monster.

niveau de départ 11
skill point 160
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 4
ditance d'action 35m
skill pour les batailles strategique surprise
role dans les batailles strategiques membre

Emplacement de runes
tete shining wind
main droite niv 30
main gauche non

attaque groupée: avec Hugo (monté), avec haleck
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill
si automatique
Swing B
accuracy B+ 1 E
damage B+ 1D
freeze B+ 35 E
repel B+
armor protect B
holy dash B+
skill niv max du skill
fire magic B+
water magic B
wind magic B
earth magic C
lightning magic B
sword magic C
magic resist B

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