Age 35 ans
sexe masculin
Nationalité Iksay
type: support character (tradindiscnt)
profession:Marchand d'item
etoile Chiku (astre terrestre de chiennerie)
avec Ged, Hugo, ou Thomas: constituez un groupe d'hommes et entrez dans le magasin d'item d'Iksay...
Avec chris, il faut avoir plus de 2 guerriers hommes avec soi, et il nous sort un baratin phénomenale (il a du suivre des cours chez les narcissistes..) qui submerge chris..et finalement il part à Budehuc nous préparer un lit de roses....
Skill discount C, trade in D

commentaire: A casanova supply shop owner. He may or may not mean everything he says when he invites beautiful women to dine with him.

fin: Admirably elegant, a model Zexen gentleman.

enquete P. He's a mysterious gentleman who runs a supply shop.
1. He grows sponge cucumbers. He also told me he keeps a warbler. I find that peculiar.
2. He is divorced. His wife took custody of their young daughter.
3. He used to be an actor. He is acquainted with Nadir. They talk from time to time.

siChris est le flame champion
1) Need a change?
You look tired these days, so how about some coffee? There's a nice place near...
2) A picnic?
It's sad to see a lady like you fighting all the time. How about a picnic?
3) Invitation
Nice weather lately. We should go to the theater together.There's a nice play at Vinay del Zexay.
4) The bouquet
Did you receive the bouquet I sent you? If you don't like it, please throw it in the lake.
5) Admired
Recently, I saw you walking under the moonlight after midnight. The word 'beautiful' was meant for you. Would you like to dine with me?

si Hugo/Geddoe est le flame champion
1) Gentleman
You are a long way from being a gentleman. Try hard every day.
2) Evening dress
Recently, I found a skilled tailor. Would you like an evening dress made?
3) Consecration
There are many gentlemen at this castle. I would also like to devote myself to work.
4) Encouragement
You seem quite busy. See me when you get the chance. I am clumsy, but I'll try to give you some of my energy as a gentleman.
5) The plays at this castle are great. I like the cozy atmosphere. Let's go together sometime.

theatre: good actor. But his strong sense of self limits his range.
bains: augustine,gordon

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