Age 19 ans
sexe masculin
type: support character
profession:constructeur de baignoire
etoile Chiretsu (astre terrestre de faiblesse)
histoire: c'est le fils de Tetsu, de suikoden II 

recrutement: on le trouve dans la foret de Zexen en train d'examiner les arbres. Il faut avoir dans son équipe quelqu'un muni du skill Appraisal (exemple: Muto, Guillaume), ou du skill Adrenaline power (ex:Leo ou fred si niveau suiffisant), on lui proposes de l'aider, et on répond OK à la question suivante. 

skills Baths A+

commentaire: He jumps to life at the sign of a bath and leaps in amusement when people fall asleep in the bath.

fin: Loses to his dad in a Bath Match. He then goes off to find materials with which to hold a new bath.

enquete: P. He's an energetic craftsman who makes excellent bathtubs. People who take baths in his tubs always fall asleep because they are so comfortable.
1. People usually have pleasant conversations while bathing. Why don't you take a bath with someone?
2. He's still making bathtubs, but he can't make better bathtubs than his rival.
3. His rival is his father. What kind of person is he?

1) Question
How is my bath? Are you relaxing? Taking a nap? I really wonder what my reputation is like.
2) Report
Wan Fu, Leo, and Hallec were taking a bath, but something happened. Tell them to relax in the bath.
3) Another report
Roland said he would never take a bath with Kenji again. Did something happen?
4) A report
Borus, Ace, and Nash were taking a bath. What were they talking about?
5) What's going on?
Duke, Edge, and Thomas were taking a bath. They seemed to be quarreling. They should bathe quietly.

theatre when on stage, he should forget about baths and tub.

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