Age 25 ans
sexe feminin
Nationalité Le buque
type: support character
etoile Tensui (astre céleste de pénétration)
recrutement: comme pour Frantz, avec Geddoe au mont Senai au chapitre5, quand on affronte des tonnes de monstres, il faut refuser de fuir à chaque fois. Et on la recrute à Le buque à la fin de la sequence.

Commentaire: She cares for the giant insects in Le Buque. She is Franz's friend from years earlier. Iku scolds Franz, who does not get along with people easily.

fin: Even as she holds off the persistent Franz, she decides she wants to live with him.

enquete: P. She's Franz's girlfriend. She's kindhearted and loves humans and Mantors equally.
1. She takes care of the insects at the village. It must be hard work.
2. Her childhood friend Franz became a warrior, so she started studying to become a nurse.
3. I saw her taking the insects for a walk. Iku rode a flying insect while blowing a whistle to lead the other insects. It was a mysterious sight.

1) Greeting
Franz will be a great help to you. I can't do anything, but by supporting him, I'm sure I'll help out.
2) The war is raging. It's a pity I can only watch, but I'm trying to find something I can do. I would like to fight with you.
3) What I can do
I can take care of mantors, but I'm also good at cleaning, washing, and cooking. I hope I'm a help to the people at the castle.
4) Helping
I'm helping people clean the castle. Successor,I'll help you do the cleaning.
5) Learning to cook
Mamie 's food is delicious. I'm learning how to cook from her. Come and taste it.

skills: healing C,tutor C

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