Age: tss tss, ce n'est pas poli de demander son age une dame...
sexe feminin
type: support character  (healerrunesg)
profession: Rune sage
etoile Chiketsu (astre terrestre díheroisme)
histoire: toujours aussi mysterieuse et aussi belle que depuis suikoden I...
recrutement: La sulfureuse magicienne est au chateau de Brass à la boutiqie des runes. Pour la recruter, il suffit de lui proposer d'aller à Budehuc. Elle sera ravie de changer d'air.

commentaire:A Rune Sage and an utter mystery.

fin: Returns to Brass Castle, resuming her career as a Rune Sage.

enquete: P. She's a sexy Rune Sage. What's her real identity?
1. Oh, I thought I found something...but I forgot what it was. Am I tired?
2. I don't understand anything.
3. It would be better if you do no more investigating.

1) About Runes
It's not proper to bear runes blindly. You can show you true ability when you bear a rune that suits you.
2) Dogs
Did you know there is one rune that even a dog can bear? I don't recommend it, though....
3) His letter
I got a letter from Ace. Very interesting... Tell him I laughed heatily for a change.
4) Met a friend
Futch is an old friend. He said I haven't changed. He always knows what to say.
5) I also met Nash,and he asked why I hadn't changed. He's rude to call you a monster.
6)(Si Kidd a enqueté sur elle)Lately, there's a boy checking on me. I don't like my privacy being invaded.

skill pour les batailles strategique: magie de foudre x2
role dans les bataille strategique: support

 skill healing E, rune sage A

bains: Jeanne,lily
theatre: she barely acts, but still attracts a big audience.

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