Age 41 ans
sexe  masculin
type: support character
profession: appointer, donnez lui des medal set et descernez des titres à vos gens
etoile Chibou (astre terrestre de violence)
recrutement: Quand vous avez recruter plus de 70 etoiles, allez à l'entrée de Budehuc sans avoir Juan et Cecile dans votre équipe.
skill bujustu teacher D

commentaire: Mysterious "appointer". Assigning positions to the people in his life.

fin: He bustles about, conferring titles to new residents at Budehuc Castle upon their arrival.

enquete: P. A mysterious appointer who assigns titles to people at will.
1. He secretly records everybody's grades in a notebook. I wonder what he plans to do with that notebook.
2. I peeked into his room. He was looking at his notebook muttering something. "Ninja president", "Aesthetic manager". Who is he assigning to these titles?
3. When I had a look at his notebook, I read, "That detective is clueless." I didn't know there was another detective at this Castle.

1) Morning Training
There are many young people that fool around in this castle. They need morning training.
2) Guts!
I made two or three young people braver! Be grateful!
3) Posts!
The posts I name are absolute! Never change them!
4) Instruction!
Is there anybody who doesn't like their post? If there is, I'll train them. Don't worry!
5) Morning training
Morning training provides strong bodies and spiritual strength! We're waiting for you to participate!

theatre: on stage, he should stop sounding so commanding

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