Juan (Joan)

Age 19 ans
sexe masculin
Nationalité Budehuc
type: guerrier attaque (fighter)
profession:Bujutsu teacher
etoile Tenman (astre céleste de plénitude)
histoire: Bujutsu teacher qui dort en permanence et habitant du chateau de Budehuc.
recrutement: automatique, qu'on fasse le chapitre de Thomas ou pas.

commentaire: A young man teaching martial arts at Lake Castle. He easily falls asleep anywhere.

fin: As the population of orange Castle increases, so do the pupils at his dojo. But second Master Emily does the teaching.

Enquete: P. He runs a training center. He has no customers, so he naps all day long.
1. Emily was trying to find him. My guess is that he's sleeping somewhere. She's angry because he always skips training.
2. He chews leaves. These leaves are herbs that cause drowsiness. They grow somewhere in the Castle.
3. His father was beaten by a drifter at his training center. He says he's waiting for that drifter to return. Why doesn't he find him himself?

theatre: he may fell asleep on stage.

1) Let's sleep
Let's make it a rule at the castle to take a nap twice in the morning and in the afternoon. I'm serious.
2) Heavy damage
Lilly's skill of inflicting heavy damage is something! Although her personality isn't that great.
3) Wow
Ayame's repel skill is incredible. If we train her properly, she could avoid any attack.
4) Thomas
Ask Thomas whether he's serious about improving his parrying skill. It would take time,but I'm sure he'd be very good.
5) Fred
If Fred is trained to better use his shield, I'm sure he'd be great.

bains: eike,Juan

niveau de départ 7
skill point 90
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 4
ditance d'action 30m
skill pour les batailles strategique valorIII
role dans les batailles strategiques membre

Emplacement de runes
tete non
main droite niv 17
main gauche waking niv1

arme griffes
nom niv 1-5 Min, niv 6-11 Shunmin,  niv 12-16 Choya...
tous des kanjis en rapport avec le sommeil et la nuit...je traduirais par: Sommeil, Sommeil printanier, et longue nuit.

attaque groupée avec Emily, avec Kenji et Joker....enfin, une fois qu'on a réussi à le reveiller.

Skill: Bujutsu teacher B+
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing A
accuracy B+ 1E
damage B
heavydamage S 24E
continual attaque S 35E
repel B+ 1E
armor protect B
holy dash B+
skill niv max du skill
fire magic A+
water magic B
wind magic B
earth magic B
lightning magic B
sword magic C
magic resist B+

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