le petit cow boy rose...

Age 18 ans
sexe féminin
type: support character
profession:Eleveuse de chevaux et autres quadripèdes. Allez faire des tour de pistes à son ranch!
etoile Chisatsu (astre terrestre díenquete)
recrutement: allez lui parler dans la plaine Amur Nord (remarque, avec Chris, il ne faut pas être à cheval pour la rencontrer), aidez la à compter ses chevaux. Il y en a 19. puis invitez là à Budehuc.
skill Trade in E

commentaire:A girl who manages a ranch alone. Handles horses well.

fin: Still running the ranch for [Budehuc] Castle. Recently, she's holding horse races.

enquete: P. She travels with horses. What's her purpose?
1. She loves steak. She could eat three slices. She wants to go on a diet but she can't help eating.
2. She said that if she's careless, she gets freckles. Do freckles disappear if you are careful?
3. Her father travels around the world on treasure hunts. He always says, "I'm going to hit treasure!!" She must worry.

1) Karayan horses
It's my first time seeing a Karayan horse. It's cute, with stripes. I'll take care of it, so please come to the ranch.
2) White horse
The horses of Zexen Knights are beautiful. I'll make sure to take good care of them.
3) To refresh
Come and ride horses. When you're tired of fighting, the ranch can be refreshing.
4) Gorgeous!
Augustine came to the ranch. Splendid riding. The horse even looked gorgeous.
5) Many carrots
Barts brought some carrots to the ranch! Could you thank him, Successor?

theatre: surprinsingly, her orthodox acting is very solid.

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