Age:12 ans
sexe masculin
type: support character.
profession:détéctive. Au chateau on le trouve dans les cachots, on peut lui faire faire des enquètes sur nos recrues.
étoiles Chiyu (astre terrestre de reclusion)

theatre: when heís acting, he should forget his cases

skill: Treasaure hunter niveau C

recrutement: on le trouve à Duck village, dans la maison maison à gauche derrière l'auberge.
un crime a été commis et Kid nous engage comme assistant(e).
D'abord on examine les lieux: le corps, la bibliothèque et la fenêtre.
Puis kid nous envoie interroger des canards: celui dans la cour arrière de l'auberge, un canard dans le centre de commerce, et quelques canards sur la place.
Une fois qu'on a tous les éléments, Kid va conclure l'enquè vous laisse la surprise.

commentaire: A boy detective. He claims he has solved many tough cases, but no one knows for sure.

fin: Responds to a request to solve the kidnapping of a lady of the Black Rose Society in an obscure nation.

enquete: P. I'm a great detective. You can see the light of truth reflected in my eyes.
1. I've solved the Duck Village Abduction Case. A girl from the Duck Clan didn't return home one night. I thought she was kidnaped. She was only lost. I did a good job.
2. Let me tell you about the Duck Village Burglary Case. Salted fish disappeared from the chief's house. It turned out that the wife ate it all.
3. The Duck Village Murder Case is my best case. A traveler was found "dead", with his bones all broken. But he was only practicing yoga. Yeah, that was a good job.

1) What's up?
Hi! Are there any strange cases? When something happens, don't try to solve it yourself-- call me. See you!
2) Investigations
Don't hesitate to request investigations. It's a tough job finding out about people's privacy, but it's what a detective must do.
3) Fees
Fees change, depending on the type of inquiry. It costs a lot of money to find the secrets people hide. Remember, I'm not fooling you!
4) There are wars, but not many cases. It's better not to have both, but I don't have a chance to do my work.
5) Mask
People often ask me about the mask I wear when I investigate, but it's not their business!

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