Age 22 ans
sexe feminin
Nationalité Tinto
type: guerrier attaque (knight)
etoile Chikyu (astre terrestre de pénétration) 

histoire: fille de gustave Pendragon,maire de Tinto. Pendant suikoden II, elle a été enlevée par Neclord qui voulait en faire sa fiancée. Apres cet evenement, il est probable que son père ait veillé sur sa fille unique avec encore plus de soin...... et beaucoup trop la gater... on voit le résultat.

recrutement: cette peste va se ventouser à Hugo comme une sangsue et vous n'arriverez pas à vous en débarrasser....elle va revenir s'incruster dans le chapitre 4 après une longue absence.

commentaire:The selfish, determined daughter of Gustaf, the chosen leader of Tinto. Reed and Samus are her attendants.

fin: Returns once to Tinto, then decides to study in Harmonia. By the time the President notices, she is en route.

enquete: P. The only daughter of Gustaf, the leader of Tinto. She is selfish, competitive, and hard-driving. She's beautiful when she's silent.
1. She rested her chin on the table while eating spaghetti. What bad manners, especially for a child from a good family!
2. They say that as a child, she defeated a vampire lord who tried to kidnap her...but that story sounds fishy to me.
3. Her parents were important people in Tinto, but they didn't care much about their family. I feel a little sorry for her.

1) Well...
Be grateful, as I asked Tinto to help you. You're not treating us so well.
2) Listen
Reed and Samus are attendants, but they're not so considerate. Why are they so rough? I'm disppointed.
5) You know
Regarding the allotment of rooms--isn't there a better room? Insects come into this one.
4) I'll pay
Is it alright to renovate my room? I'll pay for it. It's small. Don't worry, Reed and Samus will do the work. See you.
5) There's a brutal atmosphere these days, as the war continues. We should enjoy ourselves more.

theatre: Her lofty attitude doenít change on stage. She is strong in the roles that suit her.

niveau de départ 24, skill point550
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre3
ditance d'action25m
role dans les batailles strategiques: leader
skill dans les batailles strategiques: valorII

Emplacement de runes
tete non de toute façon il n'y a rien dedans.
main droite sword of rage niv1
main gauche niv 30

arme épee
nom niv 1-5 Argent, niv 6-11 Auro (Or), niv 12-16 Platino (Platine)

attaque groupée avec Reed et Samus
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill
si automatique
Swing B+
accuracy A 1E
damage B+
Heavy damage A 35E
repel B+ 1D
parry B+ 1D
armor protect B
holy dash B+

skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
fire magic B+
water magic C
wind magic B
earth magic C
lightning magic B+
sword magic B 1D
magic resist B+

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