ce petit boud'chou aux beaux yeux verts ne se bats pas, il est trop jeune...il a 15 ans...je lui donnais encore moins.
nationalité Zexen
étoile Chisyu (astre terrestre de captivité)
type: support character (healercook)
skill: healing E et Cooking D
histoire: apprenti chevalier, il veille sur Chris avec beaucoup d'attention...il est adorable.
recrutement automatique.

commentaire:Chris' attendant and an apprentice knight. He is too young to be allowed into combat.

fin: Serves as an attendant and is eventually knighted.

enquete: P. Attendant to Chris of the Zexen Knights. He is too young to participate in battles.
1. The knights treat him like a mascot, but he is serious about his goal to become a fine knight. Sometimes I see him train.
2. He is the son of an aristocrat and the youngest of seven brothers. He can't take over his parents' house, so he studies chivalry and manners as an attendant. Hard work, isn't it?
3. He received a red rose from Augustine, but he didn't know what it meant. He had won the favor of a tremendous person.

si Hugo/Geddoe est le flame champion
1) Nice to meet you. If there's anything I can do, please tell me!
2)Landis scares me... I can't sleep well at night...
3) Detective
Kidd, you're great! I admire detectives almost as much as knights.
4) Morning exercise
Kenji always teaches me how to exercise. It's tough, but if I continue, I may be a strong knight.
5) Errands
I'm going on an errand to buy food for the animals. What does Fubar eat?

si Chris est le flame champion
1) Greetings
Nice to meet you. I'm glad that Chris is Flame Champion.
2) About runes
The True Fire Rune suits Chris! It's great!
3) Kidd is a little strange. I guess he's the same age as I am. Don't you wonder how he was brought up? Maybe I'm nosy.

skill pour les batailles strategiques: Quickaid
role  pour les batailles strategiques: support

theatre:a good actor, but not yet mature. we anticipate his future sucess.
-louis,melville,Rody (si wanfu a deja été recruté)

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