Age 46 ans
sexe feminin
Nationalité karaya
type:support character (healerdiscountr)
etoile Chiin (astre terrestre de féminité...)
histoire: mere de Jimba et Lulu
recrutement: automatique
skill healing E, discount D
theatre: she plays supporting roles well. but taking on a leading role can be too much.

commentaire: Lulu's mother. Friend of Karaya Chief Lucia.

fin: Wants to mother all children who have lost parents in war. Wants one big happy family.

enquete: P. She is a popular mother in the Karaya Clan. She is a caring person with a big voice. She likes doing the laundry.
1. Her husband is traveling south and isn't at home.
2. She makes great tomyamkung. Her family loves it. She said she'll make it again soon.
3. When I went to investigate, she invited me to a meal. I told her I couldn't eat another bite, but she made so much! She a truly nice person.

1) Wind's blessing (si Hugo est le flame champion)
I'm proud that a chief's son is Flame Champion. Try your best!
1) Flavor
This castle isn't bad, but I'm used to the flavor of Chisha and Karaya.
2) I miss Grassland
It's true that I miss the Grasslands, but if I don't fight now, I'll lose everything. I'll do my best.
3) Props
You know the stage? I prepared some of the props. They are quite impressive, so have a look at them.
4) What to do now?
There are many people who have lost their children and parents. I'm thinking of what I can do for them.
5) Wind's blessings
I'm praying that the war will be over soon.

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