Mamie / Meimi

age 15 ans
sexe féminin
type: support character.
profession:Chef cuistot
etoile Chizou (astre terrestre de secret)
histoire: C'est la fille de Bashok, un des cuistot qu'on affronte avec Hai yo. Elle était malade à l'epoque, mais maintenant, elle est en pleine forme!
recrutement: on la trouve à Duck village. Il faut lui ramener un met: Crab Owl rice, qu'on trouve dans le foret de Kuput.......... ou, pour les flemmards, dans une des poches d'Halleck!
skill: Cook niv A
theatre: shortens the lines and ad libs as she pleases

commentaire: A female chef at the restaurant. She is usually confused.

fin: Voyages to a new land, seeking the legendary cookbook once sought by her father.

enqueteP. She is a cook. She is careless in her speech, but meticulous about cooking.
1. She makes the best hamburgers. I love them. I have to ask her to make one for me.
2. When I went to investigate, she made a dish full of hamburgers! They were sublimely delicious....
3. Her father, Bashok, was a famous cook. She told me a confusing story... something about a fight with a cordon bleu and someone called Hai Yo of the (Suikoden II) Castle.

1) Please eat fast
Now, about my food: if you let it sit, it'll go bad. Please eat it quickly.
2) Nice food (1)
If you put mayonnaise on ice cream, it'll become 'Fried Ice Cream.' I don't know what happens to the person eating it,but why don't you try?
3) Nice food (2)
If you put red pepper on clams sauteed in butter, they'll become 'Spicy Clam Soup.' I wonder what the effect is like during war? Try it.
4) Nice food (3)
If you put mayonnaise on pickles, you have 'Super Pickles.' Try it.
5) Nice food (4)
If you put mayonnaise on Tofu Hot Pot, you have 'Dark Hot Pot.' I'm afraid to eat it myself, but try it if you like.

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