Age 65 ans
sexe feminin
type: support character
etoile Chizen (astre terrestre de perfection)
recrutement: elle tient la loterie au chateau de Budehuc, et a un peu d'utilité avec Thomas.
skill: discount B

commentaire: A sharp-tempered, tall, old woman who sells lottery tickets.

fin: The population of Budehuc Castle increases, and commerce flourishes. She is always smiling

enquete :P. She's an old woman who sells lottery tickets. She has owned a shop for ages and knows a lot about the Castle's history.
1. At Martha's shop, the odds of winning a lottery are least according to Piccolo's fortune telling. It's a secret.
2. According to Piccolo's fortune telling, if you come back to the Castle and buy 10 lottery tickets , you'll win. I'll try next time.
3. Martha said if you take off your equipment, put it in a bag, and then buy lottery tickets, you''ll win. I'll try it immediately! Oh, it's a secret!

1) Stingy
The special prizes at Vinay del Zexay are books and statues. Stingy. Can't they be more generous like we are?
2) Good Customer
It would help if all the residents in the castle were like Ace.
3) Happy?
Do you know the special prize at Iksay is 'Fried Noodles'? Are you content with such a prize?
4) Magic or luck?
Estella often wins the lottery. Is that magic?
5) Losing often
If you lose often and regret it, why don't you ask Piccolo to tell your fortune. What else can you believe in

theatre: she should never be given the role of a woman in love.

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