la ventriloque et sa marionette Branky
Mel: Hé, pas ventriloque! il n'y a pas de trucage, hein branky?
Branky: Ouais
canelle:hum, bon, quoiqu'il en soit, Branky n'est pas une étoile...
Mel: à ça non, il est bien trop mal élévé!

Age 15 ans
sexe feminin
type: guerrière attaque (knight)
etoile Chiku (astre terrestre de vacuité)
recrutement: allez lui parler à Iksay, et proposez lui d'aller à Budehuc. Avec chris, il faut avoir au moins deux personnes avec le dialogue est absolument hilarant!

commentaire: A young lady who talks with a doll, Branky. She insists she has no ventriloquistic skill and that the doll speaks on its own.

fin: Sets out, leaving word she's visiting Branky's home town.

enquete: P. She travels with her doll Branky. She is a nice girl, but the doll has a bad personality.
1. She is right-handed. I wonder how she eats while holding Branky?
2. She's quite silent when she's alone in her room. I have no idea why.
3. She plays with Viki and Belle sometimes. The three seem quite dangerous to me.

lettres: Mel
1) Cecile
I'm fed up with Branky, as he is foul-mouthed. Recently, he picked on Cecile. She was about to stab him with a spear.
2) Yumi
Branky picked on Yumi recently, but she smiled and forgave him. She's a nice person.
3) Yuiri
Branky picked on Yuiri and was scolded until morning. I can't believe that Yumi and Yuiri are from the same clan.
4) Queen
Branky was picking on Queen. There are people who don't forgive you even though you say sorry.
5) Viki
Branky picked on that Viki kid.Afterwards, I was teleported. How annoying!

theatre: despite all her poor performances, she has a huge following. Mysterious actress.
bains: Mel,Belle

niveau de départ 32
skill point 400
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 4
ditance d'action 20m
skill pour les batailles strategique surprise
role dans les batailles strategiques: membre

Emplacement de runes(evitez de lui mettre la rune porte, risque d'explosion!!)
tete niv40
main droite devil's doll
main gauche niv 28

arme:une marionette
nom niv 1-5 Branky, niv 6-11 Branky II, niv12-16 Branky III

attaque groupée avec Viki et Belle
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing A 1C
accuracy B
damage C
repel A 1C
armor protect B+
adrenaline power B

skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
fire magic B+
water magic B
wind magic B+
earth magic B
lightning magic S
blinking magic? B+ 45E
gate magic ? B+ 52E
sword magic B+
magic resist B+

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