Age 26 ans
sexe masculin
type: support character (tradeinrunesage)
profession:joueur de cartes
etoile Chisu (astre terrestre de calcul)
histoire: C'est un personnage assez suspect. Dans le chapitre de Luc, il se fait appeler Leonard et prétend etre armurier.

recrutement: on le trouve dans une boutique de Caleria, et il nous propose une partie de carte. Si on lui gagne 20 000potch, il nous suit...
Bon, moi j'ai eut de la chance, j'ai gagné tout de suite. remarque, pour ceux qui ne savent pas calculer, si on mise au départ 5000, il suffit de gagner 2 fois de suite pour atteindre20 000. Si on mise 2500, il faut gagner 3 fois. Si on mise 1250, il faut gagner 4 fois. Si on mise 625, il faut gagner 5 fois de suite... ça devient dur.
skills: Trade in C, Rune sage C
theatre: Itís good that he laughs on stage, but itís no good to laugh out of context.

commentaire:Card game-loving free spirit. His light-hearted smiles, even when meaningless, make him popular among the inhabitants of the castle.

fin: Departs Budehuc Castle in the middle of the night with several mystery men, and never returns.

enquete: P. A mysterious man with a free spirit. Sometimes he smiles senselessly, but he's a nice guy.
1. He seems to be connected with an organization. Is it a good one? I don't know.
2. I saw him talking with some strange people. Some scary guys were bowing to him. Maybe he's important.
3. Watari saw Mike and was surprised for a change. He said, "That guy..." Are they friends?

1) Hello
Hi. Nothing to say in particular. I just wanted to say hello. See you.
2) Fresh morning
It was a refreshing morning. So I'll try my best to play cards.
3) Card shark
Billy is quite a card shark.
4) Ernie is young, but studies very hard. We had an enjoyable talk recently. Very helpful. She...
5) That ninja
Was it Watari? Did he say anything about me? It's okay if he didn't say anything.

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