Age 22 ans
sexe féminin
type: support character (healerapprsr)
etoile Chirei (astre terrestre díefficacité)
histoire: assistante de Tuta
recrutement: Allez au 1er etage de l'auberge d'Iksay pour la recruter.

commentaire: Nurse who looks after castle inhabitants' health. Her smiles and gracious nursing manner make her quite popular among her patients.

fin: Accompanies Tuta to Hallec's village. Wanting to help Tuta, she begins to study medicine.

enquete :P. She's a beautiful nurse. The clinic is always full of patients pretending to be sick.
1. I went to the clinic when I scraped my knee. After she put medicine on it, she blew on it. She's kind.
2. She met Tuta three years ago when the Harmonia Frontier Army invaded Highland. Tuta was the army doctor and Mio was nursing the injured.
3. Three years ago when Mio met Tuta, her husband was killed in action. Maybe I shouldn't talk about this any more.

1) Hello
It's a nice homeland. successor the patients would love it if you'd come to the clinic.
2) Present
I'd like to give Tuta a present on his birthday, but I don't know what to give. What would you give,successor?
3) It's great!
Franz brought Ruby to the clinic, and Tuta cured his cold! Well done!
4) Afterwards
After the war, what will happen to the clinic? It's a little early to think about this, but I can't help it.
5) Message
The old Zexen woman who comes here said, 'I'll always back you up.' Tuta and I will back you up, too.Cheer up!

theatre: her acting is so-so, but she has many male fans. She can build up a regular audience.
bains: Mio,nei,yumii

skills: Healing B+, appraisal E
skill pour les batailles strategique: quickaid, guerison(?)x2
role dans les batailles strategique: support

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