Age 22 ans
sexe masculin
type: support character
profession: gardien d'entrepot. confiez lui sans hésiter vos objets en trop pour qu'il les garde dans les sous-sol de Budehuc. Il n'a surement pas inventé la poudre, mais il est brave et travailleur.
etoile Chison (astre terrestre de ruine)
recrutement: automatique avec Thomas
skill: appraisal D

commentaire: A Kobold warehouse keeper. He is forgetful but jolly.

fin: A busy warehouse keeper, he mistakenly hands over the wrong goods often.

enquete P. A Kobold warehouse keeper of Lake Castle. He is both lighthearted and diligent. Everyone who spends time near him feels happy.
1. The hair around his stomach is furry. It smells so fresh and so clean.
2. He was left at the Castle gate when he was a puppy.
3. Sometimes, he runs through the warehouse saying, "It's not here!" Does that make you afraid to leave your gear?

lettre: Muto
1) Comment Box
I'm not good at writing, but I'll try hard for the castle.
2) Mice
There are a lot of mice in the warehouse. Can anybody help me dispose of them?
3) Mice disposal
Fubar disposed of all of the mice in the warehouse. Thank you.
4) Warehouse
Ace got drunk and slept in the warehouse. It's not a place to sleep. Please tell him.
5) It'd be nice if there weren't so many difficult words in the news bulletin.

theatre: he tries his best, but it just isn't enough.

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