Age inconnu
sexe masculin
type: support character (hagglescholar)
profession:metteur en scène, donnez lui des scripts et des acteurs.
etoile Chisei (astre terrestre de rectitude)
recrutement: à l'étage de l'auberge de Caleria, arrivez avec dans l'équipe deux femmes, un enfant et trois hommes , puis invitez le au chateau.

Commentaire: A drama producer whose identity is unknown due to the mask he wears.

fin :The theater at Budehuc Castle sells out after the Flame Champion is rumored to have performed there.

enquete: P. He's the mysterious drama producer. He practices lines whenever he is alone.
1. Nobody knows what his true face looks like under the mask. I've heard rumors that he is very handsome or that he has been burned on his face.
2. A popular rumor says that he was a famous actor, whose acting was so impressive that he couldn't be himself. After that, he's always worn a mask. Why?
3. He was a traveling entertainer. It was a three-man company, but it broke up. Now he's a drama producer.

1) Script
Did you get the script? Sorry, but sometimes they are in another town. I'll see you at the theater.
2) Popular actors
There are poor actors who still attract an audience. At the castle, we've got Borus, Melville, Jeane and Mel.
3) Unpopular actors
The theater must be liked by the people. The unpopular actors are Tuta, Hallec, and Landis. But if you cast well...
4) Good actors
Everyone is acting very well. The especially good actors are Gordon, Queen, Ace and Nash.
5) Profit
In the theater,casting is most important. A big hit isn't a dream if you understand the play and cast well. Let's do our best.

discount D
tutor D

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