Age 31 ans
sexe feminin
type:guerrière attaque (slasher)
profession: mercenaire membre de l'équipe 12 des gardes frontières Harmonians.
etoile Tenson (astre céleste de ruine)
histoire:Queen est originaire d'une famille d'aristocrate de Sanady, un petit royaume conquis par Harmonia aux alentours de l'an IS 440. De la meme manière que pour Lebuque, ils sont devenus citoyens de 3ieme classe et les enfants ont été à Harmonia quasiment comme esclave.
recrutement automatique

commentaire: Defense Force. She is the only woman in the unit.

fin: si Geddoe n'est pas le flame champion
Returns to her life in the Southern Frontier Defense Force. Recently, she's given up vegetarianism.

si Geddoe est le flame champion
Learns about the curse of the rune on Geddoe's right-hand. Hopes to be of assistance.

enquete :P. The only woman among the Twelfth Unit of the Southern Frontier Defense Force.
1. I thought she was scary, but learned she's actually a nice person. I did an investigation for her once and she gave me candy.
2. Ernie told me that Queen knows a lot about books and music, which makes her quite different from the other members of the Defense Force.
3. Her home country was destroyed by Harmonia. She was born into a prominent family. That's a little surprising.

si le flame champion est Hugo ou Chris
1) Are you alright?
Interesting, huh? Not very useful, though. I just took it out.
2) Stingy
Ace was complaining about drinking money. He's a man, so he shouldn't be so stingy.
3) Sigh
The men at the mercenary force are disgusting. They just drink, sleep and make noise. But I suppose that also applies to me.
4) Just try
It must be tough to be a leader. Actually, I don't know. But I'll help if you need a swordsman.
5) How's it going?
It must be hard, always fighting. But try to relax. If you take it too seriously, you'll be worn out.

si le Flame champion est Geddoe
1) Hi
Hi. You're doing something that doesn't suit you. Being a leader of so many people.
2) Alright?
Strange people are gathering at this castle. But I won't complain, since you sent them.
3) About Mel
Mel, who has a doll, was teasing me. I taught her a lesson. These days, young people don't have manners.
4) It must be tough to be a leader.Though I might not understand, when you feel like it, I'll always listen.
5) Let's have fun!
Lately you're more reticent. Everybody's worried. Let's have a drink. Ace will treat us.

theatre: a talented actress who is best liked for her masculine roles.

niveau de départ 19
skill point 20
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 3
ditance d'action 30m
skill pour les batailles strategique non
role dans les batailles strategiques: membres

Emplacement de runes
tete -
main droite niv 27
main gauche ripple

arme epée
nom niv 1-5 Noir Luna, niv 6-11 Luna Cressier, niv 12-16 Luna Llena

attaque groupée avec le reste de l'équipe
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing B+ 1D
accuracy B+ 1D
damage B
heavydamage A 33E
repel B+ 1C
armor protect C
holy dash B+
skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
fire magic B
water magic B
wind magic B+
earth magic B
lightning magic B
shield magic B 52E
sword magic B+
magic resist B

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