Age 19 ans
sexe masculin
type: Support character.
etoile Tenbou (astre céleste de violence)
recrutement: Il est sur le pont qui mène à Brass Castle coté ouest et nous demande si on si connait en commerce. répondre oui. Il faut lui ramener des Deer antler  (acheté à Vine del zexay) et faire monter le prix jusqu'à 3500 potchs.

commentaire: A trading merchant with his parrot partner, Waurenhyte, on his shoulder. He travels whichever way the wind blows.

fin: Seeking new trade routes, he journeys to the western continent.

enquete P. He's a trading merchant with a parrot called Waurenhyte.
1. He claims to have traveled all around the world. It must be dangerous to be a trading merchant, but it's nice to be free.
2. He works for a big company. He hopes to work hard and some day have his own big store.
3. He traded a candle for Waurenhyte in a southern country. It was the first thing he got from trading.

1) Goods
Please buy pearls when the shop has them. They're expensive, but I'm sure you make a lot of money.
2) Ancient texts
I recommend you buy Ancient texts when you find them at Le Buque. An Archive boom sometimes occurs. You'll find it beats making money by fighting.
3) I don't teach the parrot, Waurenhyte, how to talk. It learns by itself. I'm often impressed.
4) Gold rush
Sometimes there are rumors about gold mines. They may just be rumors, but if they're true, you'd make a lot of money. Why don't you believe them?
5) Extravagant town
Vinay del Zexey is an extravagant town. If you buy goods cheaply in the country, and sell them there, you'll make a lot of money.

skill:Discount E

theater:his selling point is his casual demeanor. He always looks like heís having fun.

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