Age 46 ans
sexe masculin
Nationalité Budehuc
type: support character
profession: majordome/aubergiste
etoile Chihi (astre terrestre de vol)
recrutement: Il fait parti du personnel du chateau de Budehuc, et on l'a automatiquement. il va être nommé aubergiste au cours des chapitres de Thomas. On peut changer son équipe après de lui dans les 3 premiers chapitres.
skill pour les batailles strategiques: control IV
role pour les batailles strategiques: support
Skills: Potch finder E

commetaire: A butler at Lake Castle. For no reason he also runs an inn. He alone must oversee the finances of the castle.

fin: Still Thomas's assistant, he's devoted to Budehuc Castle's accounting. Constantly worries.

P. A butler of Lake Castle who has been through many ordeals. He also runs an inn.
1. He makes a fuss about doing his hair. It takes him three hours. He uses hair curlers when he sleeps.
2. He uses the elevator when he doesn't need to. It's better for his health to use the stairs.
3. He listens anxiously to rumors that the elevator attendant sneaks out of the castle with strange men at night.

1) Worried
If the soldiers are too rude, please scold them. This castle is too old. If they act up, it might collapse.
2) A question
How many times do the soldiers eat each day? I hope they don't eat five times.
3) Do the soldiers drink a lot? Trade is not expansive at this castle, so there may not be enough for them.
4) Dragon
Didn't a big dragon just arrive? Please tell it to be careful not to bump into the elevator and ceiling.
5) If you see Koroku pee in the castle, please scold him.

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