Age 21 ans
sexe feminin
type: support character
profession: reparatrice d'ascenceur
etoile Chisou (astre terrestre de course)
histoire: élève d'Adlai, de suikoden II
recrutement: Automatique... uniquement si on fait le chapitre de Thomas!
Cette femme arrive tranquillement, à petit pas aux portes du chateau pour réparer notre ascenseur. Elle va finir par rester dans l'ascenceur.

commentaire: Innoncent castle "elevator" attendant. Her polite language has won over the inhabitants.

fin: Entrusting Thomas with the key to her cozy hideaway, she sets off on a journey.

enquete: P. An elevator attendant who manipulates the elevator with complete control. She has many secret fans.
1. She spoke in her sleep, saying, "Mr. Adlai, this isn't something to eat." Who is Adlai?
2. I saw her sneaking out with somebody at night. What is she doing?
3. She was doing special training in the forest during the night with strangers. They carried something heavy. What was it?

1) Make use of it
The elevator is very useful. Please use it.
2) A favor
Could you do me a favor and give me a lot of water? There's a friend who does heavy work, and he gets thirsty.
3) About meals
Could you increase the amount of meat in the food? A friend of mine does heavy work,and he wants to eat more meat.
4) Don't act up
Recently, Bright acted up in the elevator and it got a little dangerous. But don't make a fuss.
5) Weight limits?
Recently, Leo, Nicolas, Guillaume and Sebastian were going to the second floor, but they ended up in the basement because of an accident. Last time, right?

theatre: it would be better if she could relax

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