Age 35 ans
sexe masculin
type: guerrier berserker (knight)
etoile Chiman (astre terrestre de plénitude)
recrutement: à chisha village, dans un sous-sol, payez ses 3000 potchs de frais de resto et il vous rejoint.

commentaire : A polearm fighter who ran from his debts, causing financial ruin. He joined the group who rescued him.

fin: Sets off on a voyage to avenge a friend.

enquete :P. He is a pole arm fighter with a tattoo on his back. He is a Han among Han.
1. Wan Fu, Mua, and Leo were talking together. They sure are manly.
2. He can eat 20 bowls of rice with neither side dishes nor water. He doesn't even know how much he can eat with side dishes.
3. He got a tattoo as part of a vow to seek revenge on the enemy that killed his friend. The tattoo is the last work of a famous tattoo artist.

1) Greetings
How are you successor?I'm in great condition!
2) Fishing?
It's nice to go fishing all day at the lake. How about going together sometime?
4) Recently, I talked with Sergeant Joe all night and was impressed. He is a complete man. A real man..

theatre: he does well in macho role, but he is terrible playing other character.
-wanfu,leo,piccollo (si le bain wanfu,leo,halleck a deja été vu)

niveau de départ heros+1
skill point 600
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 4
ditance d'action 25m
role dans les batailles strategiques membre

Emplacement de runes
tete non
main droite niv32
main gauche non

arme baton
nom niv 1-5Yogi's Cane niv6-11 Descent 666 Cane niv12-16 Lucky Charm Cane

attaque groupée avec leo, avec Mua
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing C
accuracy B+ 1C
damage B+ 1D
heavydamage B+ 25E
repel B
armor protect B+
adrenaline power S 1C
holy dash C

skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
fire magic C
water magic C
wind magic B
earth magic B
lightning magic C
sword magic B+
magic resist B

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