Age 28 ans
sexe féminin
Nationalité Alma Kinan
type: guerrière arme de jet
etoile Tenei (astre céleste de courage)
recrutement: automatique

Commentaire: A leader of young members of the Alma Kinan with a special ability to speak with the spirits.

fin: Retires to Alma Kinan Village and leads a peaceful life.

Enquete: P. She's a warrior from Alma Kinan. She's both fierce and reliable.
1. Lucia, Estella, and Yuiri were talking about something. What could those three beautiful women have been talking about?
2. Sometimes she meditates on the lakeshore. It's quite mysterious.
3. I asked her why everyone in Alma Kinan is female, but she wouldn't tell me a thing.

lettre: 1) Ace
Ace got Yumi drunk and tried to make her talk about the Alma Kinan Clan. Ace has some nerve, doesn't he?
2) Clothes
Estella's clothes are really something. Where are they sold? It's not that I want to wear them...
3) Winghorde
It's my first time seeing the.Winghordes. It's a big world.
4) Is he
Is Guillaume a human being?
5) Strange feeling
Something isn't right about Mike. I don't think he intends any harm, but be careful.

theatre: She is good on all roles, especially male characters.

niveau de départ 42
skill point 900
nombre d'emplacement de skill libre 5
ditance d'action 25m
skill pour les batailles strategique: magie d'eau x1
role dans les batailles strategiques support

Emplacement de runes
tete niv 50
main droite rune vent
main gauche ??? niv 1

arme arbalette
nom niv 1-5 Sil, niv 6-11 Yuka Sil, niv 12-16 Coola Sil

attaque groupée avec Yumii, avec Lucia et Estella
skill   niv max du skill   niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
Swing B+
accuracy A 1B
damage B
sharp shoot B+ 45E
repel B+ 1B
armor protect B
holy dash B+
skill niv max du skill niv du perso/niveau du skill si automatique
fire magic B
water magic B+
wind magic A 1B
earth magic B+
lightning magic B
sword magic B
magic resist B+
magic rationning B+ 50E

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