Nom: Shula Valya
Etoile: Tenkyu

Age: 29 ans
Sexe: M
Origine: Royaume de Armes
Histoire: Commandant des forces marines de l'Ouest, il est originaire du clan Darja, un clan modéré.
Fonction: emissaire étranger.
Recrutement: automatique
Fin: Per King Jalant's wishes, helps forge a pact of friendship with Falena, where he later resides as ambassador.

Participe aux batailles stratégiques: oui
En tant que Leader d'unité: oui
En tant qu'assistant d'unité: non
En tant que support: non
Rang: A
Type d'unité terrestre si leader: cavalerie
Type d'unité navale si leader: Ram
capacité: Charge
nombre de sort: 1

Peut être pris dans l'équipe? Non

="Newspaper"= It's interesting. It really is.  Many believe that leaders control information to make it easier to control  the people, but that's actually wrong.    They only do it because they're afraid  that someone will expose their incompetence as leaders.  against such foes, an ally like Taylor  is worth a hundred thousand soldiers.
="Young Miss Eresh"= Who exactly is she, anyway? If she's from Nagarea, there are a few things I'll have to think about. Nagarea is a potential enemy nation for Armes, too. But I guess we have no right to talk, seeing as we pushed into Falena recently ourselves.


#1: The New Armes Kingdom has five major clans. Shula comes from the Madra Clan's Valya family. He's the Commander of the Western Marine Corps.
#2: Armes' five major clans constantly struggle over national policy. King Jalat's Ishvaak Clan and Shula's Madra Clan are both moderate factions. The Darja Clan's more militant, as their Southern  Mountain Corps proves.
#3: Because he is from Armes, people were cautious of him at first. But now they're starting to welcome Armes people left and right, like Sharmista and Nifsara. Guess they're good at fitting in.