Nom: Marina
Etoile: Chihi

Age: 19 ans
Sexe: F
Origine: Stormfist
Histoire: Elle aide comme serveuse le couple des tenanciers de l'auberge de Stormfist et craque complètement pour Belcoot.
Recrutement: Dès qu'on a le QG, aller parler à Belcoot au Yashuna Village, près de l'auberge. Demander ce que devient Marina et entrer dans l'auberge pour lui parler et la recruter.

Fin: she works so hard at the stormfist inn that she might take it over some day. She becomes more direct with belcoot.

Participe aux batailles stratégiques: Oui
En tant que Leader d'unité: Non
En tant qu'assistant d'unité: Non
En tant que support: Oui
capacité: Repos

Peut être pris dans l'équipe? Oui
En tant que guerrier: Non
En tant que Support: Oui
capacité: healing

="Childerich"= Hey, he was Belcoot's last opponent in the Sacred Games, right? Prince, please get rid of that guy!
="The Couple at the Inn"= I went to see them as soon as the battle in Stormfist ended. They're both in good health!

Bains: avec Lu et Jeanne

#1: She's a very energetic young lady, with a job at the inn over in Stormfist. I guess a lot happened during the Sacred Games, but  she's too cheerful to let bad times bring her down. 
#2: Her parents died when she was little, and the couple at the inn took her in as their own.
#3: She's very expressive with her emotions. Every time she sees Hazuki tagging along with Belcoot, she frowns with jealousy. Kids. They don't know how good it is to be so young...