Nom: Galleon
Etoile: Tenyu

Age: 53 ans
Sexe: M
Origine: Lordlake
Histoire: Originaire de Lordlake, c'est un des plus anciens chevaliers de la Reine. Il est absolument fidèle au pouvoir royal. Il a été marié à Silva 20 ans avant, mais ils sont séparé depuis longtemps.
Fonction: guerrier
Recrutement: Automatique après les événements de la campagne de la nouvelle Reine

Fin: Despite broad support, he retires from his post, then returns home to rebuild Lordlake and teach the young.

Participe aux batailles stratégiques:
En tant que Leader d'unité: oui
En tant qu'assistant d'unité: oui
En tant que support: non
Rang: B
Type d'unité terrestre si leader: infanterie lourde
Type d'unité navale si leader: ram ship (bélier)
capacité: charge
nombre de sort: 1
bonus: défense + 9

Peut être pris dans l'équipe?
En tant que guerrier: oui

type: tank
Skill niv max Epic Skill niv max
Stamina A Raging Lion A
Attack A Fate control
Defense SS Karmic effect
Technique A Armor of Gods SS
Vitality A Swift Foot
Agility A Triple harmony A
Magic C All-out strike A
Magic defense A Untold clarity
Incantation A Divine Right
Sword of Magic D Zen Sword
Sacred Oath
Signature Skill- mow down SS Royal paradise

Arme: Hallebarde
Portée de l'arme: M
nombre de combo max: 2
capacité d'arme: Shield défense, thrust back
réactivité émotionnelle: se fache rarement
Attaques Coopératives: avec Georg, Kyle et Miakis/ Avec le Prince, Lyon, Miakis, Georg et Kyle

tête niv -
main droite niv 1
main gauche niv 1 (Knight)
Soleil Feu Foudre Vent Eau Terre Etoile
Son Sacré Obscurité Couper Pousser Frapper Tirer

En tant que Support: non

="Lordlake"=  In addition to welcoming me here, there  is something else for which I would like to thank Your Royal Highness.  I want to offer my sincere gratitude for saving my hometown.
="Norden"= His sense of duty brought about disaster. In that, he is far from  alone.  May he cast aside his worries and show the full measure of his skills.
="Talgeyl"= The other day, I had the chance to have  a heart-to-heart talk with him. I feared he bore a grudge against me for not saving Lord Rovere, but it turned out he feared the same of me.

Bains: avec Goesch et Murad

#1: He's the oldest active Queen's Knight. Back in the Armes Invasion, he fought right on the front, brave as all hell. He's from Lordlake, and ever since the uprising there two years ago, he seems worried about something...
#2: He used to be married, but got divorced twenty years ago. Actually, his ex-wife is in this castle right now.  But it's probably not my place to say who she is.
#3: Well, it's probably obvious by now, so I might as well say it: His ex-wife is Silva. They met on the battlefield when she was  an army doctor and, before long, they got married. What happened after that is private, though...