Nom: Orok
Etoile: Tenpai

Age: 29 ans
Sexe: M
Origine: Lelcar
Histoire:  Leader de l'île Ouest de Lelcar
Fonction: chef de ville.
Recrutement: automatique après les événements de Lelcar.
Fin: Devotes himself to rebuilding Lelcar, but disappears mysteriously just before its successful completion.

Participe aux batailles stratégiques: 
En tant que Leader d'unité: oui
En tant qu'assistant d'unité: oui
En tant que support: non
Rang: B
Type d'unité terrestre si leader: infanterie
Type d'unité navale si leader: Com ship
capacité: Bazar
nombre de sort:-

Peut être pris dans l'équipe? Non

="My Ex-Bodyguard"= Not to question your decision, but your "bodyguard" isn't even a match for the people she "protects"!  Plus, she eats like a horse...
="Old Junk"= Some of Lord De Beers' Books are still  in the mansion, so I thought I'd have  old Alhazred take them away. But he told me he didn't want any of   them, that they were all "worthless, common paperweights." It would be such a pain to throw them all out. I almost wish they were all just burned...


#1: Orok's an influenital man, especially in Lelcar. He controls the western islet. His men look intimidating but, just like Orok  himself, they're all pretty good guys.
#2: The mansion he's using belonged to Lord De Beers. When De Beers was about to flee, Orok persuaded him to loan it out.
#3: He says he's against the Godwins right now on account of their hypocrisy, but his core beliefs haven't changed. That's probably  why he still argues with Volga so much.