Nom: Shinroh
Etoile: Chiyu

Recrutement: A partir du moment où Raftfleet est notre allié, on peut le recruter en lui parlant dans sa boutique de Raftfleet.

Fin: Builds a trade route to Armes under Boz's trade expansion policy, and watches his business take off.

Participe aux batailles stratégiques:
En tant que Leader d'unité: non
En tant qu'assistant d'unité: non
En tant que support: oui
capacité: Bonus

Peut être pris dans l'équipe? 
En tant que guerrier: non
En tant que Support: oui
capacité: trade in SS


Bains: avec Belcoot

#1: Shinro's an energetic young man. He used to have an item shop in Raftfleet. His dream is to one day become a great  merchant like his grandfather Sairoh.
#2: You know, I thought he carried that huge abacus around just to impress his customers. I was wrong -- he really does use  it to figure change. How strong IS he?
#3: Both his parents died when he was little. His grandfather Sairoh's been his only family ever since. Come to think of it, it was right after Shinro's parents -- Sairoh's son and his wife -- died that Sairoh retired.